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Polvani S, et al.
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Polvani S, Masi A, Pillozzi S, Gragnani L, Crociani O, Olivotto M, Becchetti A, Wanke E, Arcangeli A
(2003) Developmentally regulated expression of the mouse homologues of the potassium channel encoding genes m-erg1, m-erg2 and m-erg3. Gene Expr. Patterns 3(6):767-76
Harrell MD, et al.
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Harrell MD, Harbi S, Hoffman JF, Zavadil J, Coetzee WA
(2007) Large-scale analysis of ion channel gene expression in the mouse heart during perinatal development. Physiol. Genomics 28(3):273-83

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