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Hancock SN, et al.
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Hancock SN, Agulnik SI, Silver LM, Papaioannou VE
(1999) Mapping and expression analysis of the mouse ortholog of Xenopus Eomesodermin. Mech. Dev. 81(1-2):205-8
Stepp MA
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Stepp MA
(1999) Alpha9 and beta8 integrin expression correlates with the merger of the developing mouse eyelids. Dev. Dyn. 214(3):216-28
Wang A, et al.
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Wang A, Patrone L, McDonald JA, Sheppard D
(1995) Expression of the integrin subunit alpha 9 in the murine embryo. Dev. Dyn. 204(4):421-31
Stepp MA, et al.
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Stepp MA, Zhu L, Sheppard D, Cranfill RL
(1995) Localized distribution of alpha 9 integrin in the cornea and changes in expression during corneal epithelial cell differentiation. J. Histochem. Cytochem. 43(4):353-62
Schmoldt A, et al.
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Schmoldt A, Benthe HF, Haberland G
(1975) Digitoxin metabolism by rat liver microsomes. Biochem. Pharmacol. 24(17):1639-41
Ko MS, et al.
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Ko MS, Kitchen JR, Wang X, Threat TA, Wang X, Hasegawa A, Sun T, Grahovac MJ, Kargul GJ, Lim MK, Cui Y, Sano Y, Tanaka T, Liang Y, Mason S, Paonessa PD, Sauls AD, DePalma GE, Sharara R, Rowe LB, Eppig J, Morrell C, Doi H
(2000) Large-scale cDNA analysis reveals phased gene expression patterns during preimplantation mouse development. Development 127(8):1737-49

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