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Zeng R, et al.
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Zeng R, Spolski R, Finkelstein SE, Oh S, Kovanen PE, Hinrichs CS, Pise-Masison CA, Radonovich MF, Brady JN, Restifo NP, Berzofsky JA, Leonard WJ
(2005) Synergy of IL-21 and IL-15 in regulating CD8+ T cell expansion and function. J. Exp. Med. 201(1):139-48
Jin H, et al.
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Jin H, Carrio R, Yu A, Malek TR
(2004) Distinct activation signals determine whether IL-21 induces B cell costimulation, growth arrest, or Bim-dependent apoptosis. J. Immunol. 173(1):657-65
Ozaki K, et al.
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Ozaki K, Spolski R, Feng CG, Qi CF, Cheng J, Sher A, Morse HC, Liu C, Schwartzberg PL, Leonard WJ
(2002) A critical role for IL-21 in regulating immunoglobulin production. Science 298(5598):1630-4
Kasaian MT, et al.
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Kasaian MT, Whitters MJ, Carter LL, Lowe LD, Jussif JM, Deng B, Johnson KA, Witek JS, Senices M, Konz RF, Wurster AL, Donaldson DD, Collins M, Young DA, Grusby MJ
(2002) IL-21 limits NK cell responses and promotes antigen-specific T cell activation: a mediator of the transition from innate to adaptive immunity. Immunity 16(4):559-69
Ozaki K, et al.
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Ozaki K, Kikly K, Michalovich D, Young PR, Leonard WJ
(2000) Cloning of a type I cytokine receptor most related to the IL-2 receptor beta chain. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 97(21):11439-44

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