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Kesavan C, et al.
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Kesavan C, Baylink DJ, Kapoor S, Mohan S
(2007) Novel loci regulating bone anabolic response to loading: expression QTL analysis in C57BL/6JXC3H/HeJ mice cross. Bone 41(2):223-30
Hurst SD, et al.
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Hurst SD, Muchamuel T, Gorman DM, Gilbert JM, Clifford T, Kwan S, Menon S, Seymour B, Jackson C, Kung TT, Brieland JK, Zurawski SM, Chapman RW, Zurawski G, Coffman RL
(2002) New IL-17 family members promote Th1 or Th2 responses in the lung: in vivo function of the novel cytokine IL-25. J. Immunol. 169(1):443-53

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