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El Bissati K, et al.
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El Bissati K, Zhou Y, Paulillo SM, Raman SK, Karch CP, Roberts CW, Lanar DE, Reed S, Fox C, Carter D, Alexander J, Sette A, Sidney J, Lorenzi H, Begeman IJ, Burkhard P, McLeod R
(2017) Protein nanovaccine confers robust immunity against Toxoplasma. NPJ Vaccines 2:24
Vaccine Research
Alexander J, et al.
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Alexander J, Oseroff C, Sidney J, Wentworth P, Keogh E, Hermanson G, Chisari FV, Kubo RT, Grey HM, Sette A
(1997) Derivation of HLA-A11/Kb transgenic mice: functional CTL repertoire and recognition of human A11-restricted CTL epitopes. J. Immunol. 159(10):4753-61