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Weiskopf D, et al.
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Weiskopf D, Yauch LE, Angelo MA, John DV, Greenbaum JA, Sidney J, Kolla RV, De Silva AD, de Silva AM, Grey H, Peters B, Shresta S, Sette A
(2011) Insights into HLA-restricted T cell responses in a novel mouse model of dengue virus infection point toward new implications for vaccine design. J. Immunol. 187(8):4268-79
Infectious Disease, Dengue, Vaccine Research
Depla E, et al.
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Depla E, Van der Aa A, Livingston BD, Crimi C, Allosery K, De Brabandere V, Krakover J, Murthy S, Huang M, Power S, Babé L, Dahlberg C, McKinney D, Sette A, Southwood S, Philip R, Newman MJ, Meheus L
(2008) Rational design of a multiepitope vaccine encoding T-lymphocyte epitopes for treatment of chronic hepatitis B virus infections. J. Virol. 82(1):435-50
Hepatitis-B, Vaccine Research

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