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Bridgewater S
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Bridgewater S
(1976) Criteria for selection of nursing textbooks. J Nurs Educ 15(1):3-5
Johnson KR, et al.
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Johnson KR, Cook SA, Ward-Bailey P, Bustin M, Davisson MT
(1993) Identification and genetic mapping of the murine gene and 20 related sequences encoding chromosomal protein HMG-17. Mamm. Genome 4(2):83-9
Marshall JD, et al.
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Marshall JD, Mu JL, Cheah YC, Nesbitt MN, Frankel WN, Paigen B
(1992) The AXB and BXA set of recombinant inbred mouse strains. Mamm. Genome 3(12):669-80
Chakravarti S, et al.
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Chakravarti S, Phillips SL, Hassell JR
(1991) Assignment of the perlecan (heparan sulfate proteoglycan) gene to mouse chromosome 4. Mamm. Genome 1(4):270-2
Taylor BA, et al.
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Taylor BA, Rowe L, Grieco DA
(1993) The MEV mouse linkage testing stock: mapping 30 novel proviral insertions and establishment of an improved stock. Genomics 16(2):380-94

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