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Lemieux G, et al.
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Lemieux G, Wadoux P
(1975) [Proceedings: Glutamine synthetase and glutamine gamma-glutamyl transferase in human, canine, and rat kidneys]. J Urol Nephrol (Paris) 81(9):718
von Deimling OH, et al.
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von Deimling OH, Gaa A, Simon MM
(1988) Esterase-18 (ES-18) of the house mouse (Mus musculus): biochemical characterization and genetics of an allozyme system linked to chromosome 19. Biochem. Genet. 26(9-10):617-29
DeLorenzo RJ, et al.
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DeLorenzo RJ, Ruddle FH
(1970) Glutamate oxalate transaminase (GOT) genetics in Mus musculus: linkage, polymorphism, and phenotypes of the Got-2 and Got-1 loci. Biochem. Genet. 4(2):259-73
Taylor BA, et al.
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Taylor BA, Rowe L, Grieco DA
(1993) The MEV mouse linkage testing stock: mapping 30 novel proviral insertions and establishment of an improved stock. Genomics 16(2):380-94
Chapman VM, et al.
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Chapman VM, Ruddle FH
(1972) Glutamate oxaloacetate transaminase (got) genetics in the mouse: polymorphism of got-1. Genetics 70(2):299-305
Yasue M, et al.
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Yasue M, Serikawa T, Yamada J
(1991) Chromosomal assignments of 23 biochemical loci of the rat by using rat x mouse somatic cell hybrids. Cytogenet. Cell Genet. 57(2-3):142-8

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