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Minna JD, et al.
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Minna JD, Bruns GA, Krinsky AH, Lalley PA, Francke U, Gerald PS
(1978) Assignment of a Mus musculus gene for triosephosphate isomerase to chromosome 6 and for glyoxalase-I to chromosome 17 using somatic cell hybrids. Somatic Cell Genet. 4(2):241-52
Lalley PA, et al.
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Lalley PA, Minna JD, Francke U
(1978) Conservation of autosomal gene synteny groups in mouse and man. Nature 274(5667):160-3
Meo T, et al.
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Meo T, Douglas T, Rijnbeek AM
(1977) Glyoxalase I polymorphism in the mouse: a new genetic marker linked to H-2. Science 198(4314):311-3
Johnson KR, et al.
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Johnson KR, Cook SA, Davisson MT
(1992) Chromosomal localization of the murine gene and two related sequences encoding high-mobility-group I and Y proteins. Genomics 12(3):503-9
al-Ubaidi MR, et al.
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al-Ubaidi MR, Brock D, Siciliano MJ
(1992) Assignment of the homolog of the MAS1 oncogene to mouse chromosome 17. Genomics 13(2):487
Yasue M, et al.
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Yasue M, Serikawa T, Yamada J
(1991) Chromosomal assignments of 23 biochemical loci of the rat by using rat x mouse somatic cell hybrids. Cytogenet. Cell Genet. 57(2-3):142-8

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