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Edelstyn GA, et al.
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Edelstyn GA, MacRae KD, Bates T, Kitchen G, Nicol NT, Spittle M
(1978) Chemotherapy in breast cancer. Lancet 1(8068):833
Breast Cancer
Delorme B, et al.
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Delorme B, Dahl E, Jarry-Guichard T, Marics I, Briand JP, Willecke K, Gros D, Théveniau-Ruissy M
(1995) Developmental regulation of connexin 40 gene expression in mouse heart correlates with the differentiation of the conduction system. Dev. Dyn. 204(4):358-71
Willecke K, et al.
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Willecke K, Heynkes R, Dahl E, Stutenkemper R, Hennemann H, Jungbluth S, Suchyna T, Nicholson BJ
(1991) Mouse connexin37: cloning and functional expression of a gap junction gene highly expressed in lung. J. Cell Biol. 114(5):1049-57
Willecke K, et al.
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Willecke K, Jungbluth S, Dahl E, Hennemann H, Heynkes R, Grzeschik KH
(1990) Six genes of the human connexin gene family coding for gap junctional proteins are assigned to four different human chromosomes. Eur. J. Cell Biol. 53(2):275-80
Schwarz HJ, et al.
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Schwarz HJ, Chang YS, Hennemann H, Dahl E, Lalley PA, Willecke K
(1992) Chromosomal assignments of mouse connexin genes, coding for gap junctional proteins, by somatic cell hybridization. Somat. Cell Mol. Genet. 18(4):351-9
Haefliger JA, et al.
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Haefliger JA, Bruzzone R, Jenkins NA, Gilbert DJ, Copeland NG, Paul DL
(1992) Four novel members of the connexin family of gap junction proteins. Molecular cloning, expression, and chromosome mapping. J. Biol. Chem. 267(3):2057-64

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