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Sinelnikova EM, et al.
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Sinelnikova EM, Dvoretskova TV, Kagan ZS
(1975) [Intermediate plateaux in kinetics of the reaction catalyzed by biodegradative L-threonine dehydratase from Escherichia coli]. Biokhimiia 40(3):645-51
Bhatt RS, et al.
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Bhatt RS, Tomoda T, Fang Y, Hatten ME
(2000) Discoidin domain receptor 1 functions in axon extension of cerebellar granule neurons. Genes Dev. 14(17):2216-28
Perez JL, et al.
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Perez JL, Jing SQ, Wong TW
(1996) Identification of two isoforms of the Cak receptor kinase that are coexpressed in breast tumor cell lines. Oncogene 12(7):1469-77
Bozza M, et al.
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Bozza M, Kolakowski LF, Jenkins NA, Gilbert DJ, Copeland NG, David JR, Gerard C
(1995) Structural characterization and chromosomal location of the mouse macrophage migration inhibitory factor gene and pseudogenes. Genomics 27(3):412-9
Steingrímsson E, et al.
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Steingrímsson E, Sawadogo M, Gilbert DJ, Zervos AS, Brent R, Blanar MA, Fisher DE, Copeland NG, Jenkins NA
(1995) Murine chromosomal location of five bHLH-Zip transcription factor genes. Genomics 28(2):179-83
Edelhoff S, et al.
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Edelhoff S, Sweetser DA, Disteche CM
(1995) Mapping of the NEP receptor tyrosine kinase gene to human chromosome 6p21.3 and mouse chromosome 17C. Genomics 25(1):309-11

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