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Kajiwara K, et al.
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Kajiwara K, Nagawawa H, Shimizu-Nishikawa S, Ookuri T, Kimura M, Sugaya E
(1996) Molecular characterization of seizure-related genes isolated by differential screening. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 219(3):795-9
Wistow G, et al.
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Wistow G, Piatigorsky J
(1987) Recruitment of enzymes as lens structural proteins. Science 236(4808):1554-6
Wakana S, et al.
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Wakana S, Sugaya E, Naramoto F, Yokote N, Maruyama C, Jin W, Ohguchi H, Tsuda T, Sugaya A, Kajiwara K
(2000) Gene mapping of SEZ group genes and determination of pentylenetetrazol susceptible quantitative trait loci in the mouse chromosome. Brain Res. 857(1-2):286-90
Rao PV, et al.
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Rao PV, Gonzalez P, Persson B, Jörnvall H, Garland D, Zigler JS
(1997) Guinea pig and bovine zeta-crystallins have distinct functional characteristics highlighting replacements in otherwise similar structures. Biochemistry 36(18):5353-62
Gonzalez P, et al.
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Gonzalez P, Hernández-Calzadilla C, Rao PV, Rodriguez IR, Zigler JS, Borrás T
(1994) Comparative analysis of the zeta-crystallin/quinone reductase gene in guinea pig and mouse. Mol. Biol. Evol. 11(2):305-15
Wang YJ, et al.
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Wang YJ, Gurd JW, Mahler HR
(1975) Topography of synaptosomal high affinity uptake systems. Life Sci. 17(5):725-33

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