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Jost Seibler, et al.
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Jost Seibler, Branko Zevnik, Birgit Küter-Luks, Susanne Andreas, Heidrun Kern, Thomas Hennek, Anja Rode, Cornelia Heimann, Nicole Faust, Gunther Kauselmann, Michael Schoor, Rudolf Jaenisch, Klaus Rajewsky, Ralf Kühn, and Frieder Schwenk
(2003) Rapid generation of inducible mouse mutants Nucleic Acids Res. 2003 Feb 15; 31(4): e12
Waisman A, et al.
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Waisman A, Kraus M, Seagal J, Ghosh S, Melamed D, Song J, Sasaki Y, Classen S, Lutz C, Brombacher F, Nitschke L, Rajewsky K
(2007) IgG1 B cell receptor signaling is inhibited by CD22 and promotes the development of B cells whose survival is less dependent on Ig alpha/beta. J. Exp. Med. 204(4):747-58
T And/Or B Cell Function