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Vanhorenbeeck V, et al.
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Vanhorenbeeck V, Jenny M, Cornut JF, Gradwohl G, Lemaigre FP, Rousseau GG, Jacquemin P
(2007) Role of the Onecut transcription factors in pancreas morphogenesis and in pancreatic and enteric endocrine differentiation. Dev. Biol. 305(2):685-94
Wells JM, et al.
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Wells JM, Esni F, Boivin GP, Aronow BJ, Stuart W, Combs C, Sklenka A, Leach SD, Lowy AM
(2007) Wnt/beta-catenin signaling is required for development of the exocrine pancreas. BMC Dev. Biol. 7:4
Georgia S, et al.
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Georgia S, Bhushan A
(2006) p27 Regulates the transition of beta-cells from quiescence to proliferation. Diabetes 55(11):2950-6
van Eyll JM, et al.
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van Eyll JM, Passante L, Pierreux CE, Lemaigre FP, Vanderhaeghen P, Rousseau GG
(2006) Eph receptors and their ephrin ligands are expressed in developing mouse pancreas. Gene Expr. Patterns 6(4):353-9

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