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Jin J, et al.
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Jin J, Wahlang B, Thapa M, Head KZ, Hardesty JE, Srivastava S, Merchant ML, Rai SN, Prough RA, Cave MC
(2021) Proteomics and metabolic phenotyping define principal roles for the aryl hydrocarbon receptor in mouse liver. Acta Pharm Sin B 11(12):3806-3819
Singh R, et al.
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Singh R, Chandrashekharappa S, Bodduluri SR, Baby BV, Hegde B, Kotla NG, Hiwale AA, Saiyed T, Patel P, Vijay-Kumar M, Langille MGI, Douglas GM, Cheng X, Rouchka EC, Waigel SJ, Dryden GW, Alatassi H, Zhang HG, Haribabu B, Vemula PK, Jala VR
(2019) Enhancement of the gut barrier integrity by a microbial metabolite through the Nrf2 pathway. Nat Commun 10(1):89
Hubbard TD, et al.
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Hubbard TD, Murray IA, Bisson WH, Lahoti TS, Gowda K, Amin SG, Patterson AD, Perdew GH
(2015) Adaptation of the human aryl hydrocarbon receptor to sense microbiota-derived indoles. Sci Rep 5:12689
Li Q, et al.
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Li Q, Harden JL, Anderson CD, Egilmez NK
(2016) Tolerogenic Phenotype of IFN-γ-Induced IDO+ Dendritic Cells Is Maintained via an Autocrine IDO-Kynurenine/AhR-IDO Loop. J. Immunol. 197(3):962-70
Yi P, et al.
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Yi P, Liang Y, Yuan DMK, Jie Z, Kwota Z, Chen Y, Cong Y, Fan X, Sun J
(2017) A tightly regulated IL-22 response maintains immune functions and homeostasis in systemic viral infection. Sci Rep 7(1):3857
Kaye J, et al.
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Kaye J, Piryatinsky V, Birnberg T, Hingaly T, Raymond E, Kashi R, Amit-Romach E, Caballero IS, Towfic F, Ator MA, Rubinstein E, Laifenfeld D, Orbach A, Shinar D, Marantz Y, Grossman I, Knappertz V, Hayden MR, Laufer R
(2016) Laquinimod arrests experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis by activating the aryl hydrocarbon receptor. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 113(41):E6145-E6152
Van Kaer L, et al.
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Van Kaer L, Algood HMS, Singh K, Parekh VV, Greer MJ, Piazuelo MB, Weitkamp JH, Matta P, Chaturvedi R, Wilson KT, Olivares-Villagómez D
(2014) CD8αα⁺ innate-type lymphocytes in the intestinal epithelium mediate mucosal immunity. Immunity 41(3):451-464
Unnisa Z, et al.
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Unnisa Z, Singh KP, Henry EC, Donegan CL, Bennett JA, Gasiewicz TA
(2016) Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Deficiency in an Exon 3 Deletion Mouse Model Promotes Hematopoietic Stem Cell Proliferation and Impacts Endosteal Niche Cells. Stem Cells Int 2016:4536187
Hansen DA, et al.
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Hansen DA, Esakky P, Drury A, Lamb L, Moley KH
(2014) The aryl hydrocarbon receptor is important for proper seminiferous tubule architecture and sperm development in mice. Biol. Reprod. 90(1):8

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