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Bhagwat VM, et al.
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Bhagwat VM, Ramachandran BV
(1975) Malathion A and B esterases of mouse liver-I. Biochem. Pharmacol. 24(18):1713-7
Michalski N, et al.
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Michalski N, Michel V, Bahloul A, Lefèvre G, Barral J, Yagi H, Chardenoux S, Weil D, Martin P, Hardelin JP, Sato M, Petit C
(2007) Molecular characterization of the ankle-link complex in cochlear hair cells and its role in the hair bundle functioning. J. Neurosci. 27(24):6478-88
Nicol X, et al.
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Nicol X, Bennis M, Ishikawa Y, Chan GC, Repérant J, Storm DR, Gaspar P
(2006) Role of the calcium modulated cyclases in the development of the retinal projections. Eur. J. Neurosci. 24(12):3401-14
Krebs CJ, et al.
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Krebs CJ, Larkins LK, Price R, Tullis KM, Miller RD, Robins DM
(2003) Regulator of sex-limitation (Rsl) encodes a pair of KRAB zinc-finger genes that control sexually dimorphic liver gene expression. Genes Dev. 17(21):2664-74
Baker LP, et al.
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Baker LP, Nielsen MD, Impey S, Hacker BM, Poser SW, Chan MY, Storm DR
(1999) Regulation and immunohistochemical localization of betagamma-stimulated adenylyl cyclases in mouse hippocampus. J. Neurosci. 19(1):180-92
Suzuki Y, et al.
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Suzuki Y, Shen T, Poyard M, Best-Belpomme M, Hanoune J, Defer N
(1998) Expression of adenylyl cyclase mRNAs in the denervated and in the developing mouse skeletal muscle. Am. J. Physiol. 274(6 Pt 1):C1674-85

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