Monitoring vitals, such as blood pressure and temperature, is an essential component for a number of different studies, ensuring detailed understanding of animal health. Taconic Biosciences has teamed with Data Sciences International - the leader in small animal telemetry devices - and offers a variety of DSI PhysioTel® Transmitters, inserted by our expert veterinary team. Depending on the specific transmitter, you can continuously track a number of different parameters:

  • Systemic Blood Pressure
  • Ocular Pressure
  • Bladder Pressure
  • Intracranial Pressure
  • Pleural Pressure
  • Ventricular Pressure
  • ECG
  • EEG
  • EMG
  • EOG
  • Core Body Temperature
  • Qualitative Activity

  • All surgical procedures are performed by highly trained surgeons with oversight by ACLAM board-certified veterinary staff
    • Surgical staff is certified through professional organizations including the AALAS and the Academy of Surgical Research
    • Quality metrics are regularly monitored for each surgeon
  • Anesthetic and analgesic use is reviewed by Taconic's IACUC and veterinary staff
  • Each animal is monitored daily to assure complete recovery prior to shipment
  • Only animals meeting specifications are shipped
  • Quality metrics for procedures are continuously reviewed to drive reductions in animal numbers and to refine practices
Procedure Item Number Validated Species
Implants for Pressure, Biopotential, Temperature, and Activity TEL-PBT-R Rat
Two Biopotential implants along with temperature and activity implants TEL-2PTA-M Mice
Two Biopotential implants along with temperature and activity implants TEL-2PTA-R Rats
Three Biopotential implants along with activity implants TEL-3PA-R Rats
Pressure and Activity - Mice TEL-PA-M Mice
Pressure and Activity - Rats TEL-PA-R Rats
Temperature and Activity - Mice TEL-TA-M Mice
Temperature and Activity - Rats TEL-TA-R Rats
Biopotential, Temperature, and Activity - Mice ETAF10 Mice
Biopotential, Temperature, and Activity - Rats ETAF20 Rats
Four Biopotential, Temperature, Activity - Rats TEL-4ET-R Rats
Animals can be group or single housed depending on device type and client study.

Staple Removal:
Staples should be removed 7-10 days post-operatively.

Sham animals are identified with a right ear punch unless specified otherwise.
Please contact us for Telemetry pricing.