Hot Plate


The hot plate and assay models acute thermal pain. Pain sensitivity is measured on a hot plate. Latency to the first pain response is recorded as a measure of thermal pain sensitivity.


The mice were acclimated to the testing room for at least 30 minutes. Group housed mice aged 10 weeks were used for this experiment. They werer maintained on a light:dark cycle (6 am: 8 pm) with food and water available ad libitum. The hot plate (Columbus Instruments) was placed under a laminar flow hood for testing and set to 52°C. The hot plate was surrounded by a Plexiglass barrier to prevent the mice from escaping. Each mouse was placed on the hot plate and a timer was started simultaneously. The latency (sec) to the first pain response (hind-paw shake, lick, or escape jump) was recorded. The mouse was immediately removed from the hot plate. If he mouse did not emit a response within 60 seconds, it was removed from the hot plate. The hot plate was cleaned between each individual mouse that was tested.

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