Alterations in the cellular and chemical composition of the peripheral blood are indicative of the overall health status of an animal. In addition, changes in some proteins and metabolites and in the cellular repertoire of the peripheral blood are relevant to specific pathological conditions.


Blood was collected via the retro-orbital vein under isoflurane anesthesia and released to 500ul EDTA tube (BD Microtainer tubes with EDTA, REF 365973). The tubes of blood were shaken on a rocker until analysis. Hematological analysis of the peripheral blood was performed on the MultiCell 3/LV Hematology Analyzer (Grand Technology). The total and differential counts of the white blood cells (WBC), neutrophils (NE), eosinophils (EO) or basophils (BA), Monocytes (MO), platelets, and red blood cells (RBC) were analyzed.

Data Available by Strain:


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