Xpc - Model 557

Constitutive Knockout

Xpc (Model 557) Constitutive Knockout
This model is available for immediate cryorecovery.

B6;129S7 Mixed Background

  • Model #
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  • Nomenclature
  • 557
  • Homozygous knockouts are highly susceptible to skin carcinoma after UV exposure.
  • Useful in studies involving nucleotide excision repair (NER), DNA damage, UV- and chemically-induced skin carcinogenicity.

Genetic Background:

Mixed B6 x 129S7


Developed by Sands, et al. of Baylor College of Medicine in 1995. Gene targeting took place in AB2.1 embryonic stem cells (derived from 129S7). Chimeras were mated to C57BL/6 and then intercrossed to produce homozygous knockouts.


Black and Black Agouti



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