ExpressMODEL™ Timeline
Traditional mouse model generation can take up to seventy weeks and three generations of breeding. Taconic's ExpressMODEL™ process delivers experimental cohorts up to 33% faster.

  • Generate mice directly at a target health status, without re-derivation.
  • Increasing flexibility of cohort size tailored to your research needs.
  • Reduce overall project timelines by three to four months.

Rapid Colony Expansion

By leveraging recent advancement in gene targeting and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) technologies, ExpressMODEL™ enables the rapid expansion of founder mice carrying targeted alleles from three or four animals to at least twenty, or thirty, in the first generation.

This bypasses at least one round of colony expansion, saving researchers three to four months on overall project timelines.

ExpressMODEL™ lets researchers rapidly scale up to study-ready cohorts of genetically engineered animal models, at any desired health designation.

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