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Knockout Repository Models

0610007P14Rik (Trapped)
1110008F13Rik (Trapped)
1500015O10Rik (Targeted)
1700007K09Rik (Targeted)
1700019N19Rik (Targeted)
1700022A21Rik (Targeted)
1700029I15Rik (Targeted)
1700034E13Rik (Targeted)
1700061G19Rik (Trapped)
1700123O20Rik (Trapped)
1810009J06Rik (Targeted)
1810055G02Rik (Trapped)
2300002M23Rik (Targeted)
2410131K14Rik (Trapped)
2610528A11Rik (Targeted)
2810006K23Rik (Trapped)
3110079O15Rik (Targeted)
4930519F16Rik (Trapped)
4932438A13Rik (Trapped)
4933434E20Rik (Trapped)
5330417C22Rik (Targeted)
6030468B19Rik (Targeted)
6530413G14Rik (Trapped)
8030411F24Rik (Trapped)
8030462N17Rik (Trapped)
9430015G10Rik (Targeted)
A1bg (Targeted)
A3galt2 (Targeted)
AA467197 (Targeted)
Aacs (Targeted)
Aadac (Targeted)
Aars (Trapped)
Aarsd1 (Trapped)
Aasdh (Trapped)
Aatk (Targeted)
AB124611 (Trapped)
Abca12 (Targeted)
Abca13 (Targeted)
Abca17 (Targeted)
Abca3 (Targeted)
Abca4 (Targeted)
Abca5 (Targeted)
Abca6 (Targeted)
Abca7 (Trapped)
Abca8a (Targeted)
Abca8b (Targeted)
Abca9 (Targeted)
Abcb10 (Targeted)
Abcb6 (Targeted)
Abcb8 (Trapped)
Abcb9 (Targeted)
Abcc10 (Targeted)
Abcc12 (Targeted)
Abcc3 (Targeted)
Abcc4 - TF0432 (Trapped)
Abcc4 - TF2092 (Trapped)
Abcc5 (Trapped)
Abcc9 (Targeted)
Abce1 (Trapped)
Abcf2 (Trapped)
Abcf3 (Targeted)
Abcg1 (Targeted)
Abcg3 (Targeted)
Abcg4 (Targeted)
Abhd10 (Trapped)
Abhd11 (Trapped)
Abhd12 (Trapped)
Abhd13 (Targeted)
Abhd14b (Trapped)
Abhd17b (Trapped)
Abhd2 (Trapped)
Abhd3 (Targeted)
Abhd4 (Trapped)
Abi3bp (Targeted)
Abl2 (Trapped)
Ablim1 (Targeted)
Acaa1a (Trapped)
Acaa2 (Trapped)
Acaca (Trapped)
Acacb - TF0010 (Targeted)
Acacb - TF1754 (Targeted)
Acad10 (Trapped)
Acad11 (Trapped)
Ace2 (Targeted)
Acer2 (Trapped)
Acer3 (Trapped)
Ackr2 (Targeted)
Ackr3 (Targeted)
Ackr4 (Targeted)
Acly (Trapped)
Aco1 (Trapped)
Aco2 (Trapped)
Acod1 (Targeted)
Acot8 (Trapped)
Acot9 (Trapped)
Acox2 (Targeted)
Acp1 - TF2613 (Targeted)
Acp1 - TF3566 (Targeted)
Acp6 (Trapped)
Acpp (Targeted)
Acrbp (Trapped)
Acsbg1 (Targeted)
Acsbg2 (Trapped)
Acsf2 (Trapped)
Acsl3 (Conditional)
Acsl3 (Trapped)
Acsl5 (Targeted)
Acsm3 (Targeted)
Acss2 (Targeted)
Acss3 (Targeted)
Acvr1c (Targeted)
Acvr2a (Trapped)
Acyp1 (Trapped)
Adal (Trapped)
Adam11 (Targeted)
Adam15 (Targeted)
Adam17 (Targeted)
Adam18 (Targeted)
Adam19 (Trapped)
Adam21 (Targeted)
Adam22 (Targeted)
Adam23 (Targeted)
Adam30 (Targeted)
Adam32 (Targeted)
Adam33 (Targeted)
Adam5 (Targeted)
Adam7 (Targeted)
Adam8 (Targeted)
Adamdec1 (Targeted)
Adamts1 (Targeted)
Adamts10 (Trapped)
Adamts12 (Targeted)
Adamts16 (Targeted)
Adamts17 (Targeted)
Adamts18 (Targeted)
Adamts19 (Targeted)
Adamts4 (Targeted)
Adamts5 (Targeted)
Adamts6 (Targeted)
Adamts7 (Targeted)
Adamts8 (Targeted)
Adamtsl1 (Targeted)
Adamtsl3 (Targeted)
Adamtsl5 (Targeted)
Adarb1 (Targeted)
Adarb2 (Targeted)
Adat1 (Trapped)
Adck2 (Targeted)
Adck5 (Trapped)
Adcy10 (Targeted)
Adcy2 (Targeted)
Adcy3 (Trapped)
Adcy9 (Trapped)
Adgra2 (Trapped)
Adgra3 (Targeted)
Adgrb1 (Targeted)
Adgrb3 (Targeted)
Adgrd1 (Trapped)
Adgre1 (Targeted)
Adgre4 (Targeted)
Adgrf1 (Targeted)
Adgrf2 (Targeted)
Adgrf3 (Targeted)
Adgrf4 (Targeted)
Adgrg1 (Targeted)
Adgrg4 (Targeted)
Adgrg5 (Targeted)
Adgrg6 (Targeted)
Adgrg6 (Conditional)
Adgrg7 (Targeted)
Adgrl2 (Targeted)
Adgrl4 (Targeted)
Adh5 (Trapped)
Adi1 (Trapped)
Adipoq (Targeted)
Adipor1 (Targeted)
Adipor2 (Targeted)
Adipor2 (Trapped)
Adk (Targeted)
Adm2 (Targeted)
Adora2b (Targeted)
Adprm (Trapped)
Adrm1 (Trapped)
Adsl (Trapped)
Adssl1 (Trapped)
Afg3l1 (Trapped)
Afg3l2 (Trapped)
Afmid (Trapped)
Agbl2 (Trapped)
Agbl5 (Targeted)
Ager (Targeted)
Aggf1 (Trapped)
Agmat (Trapped)
Agpat1 (Targeted)
Agpat2 (Trapped)
Agpat4 (Targeted)
Agpat5 (Trapped)
Agpat9 (Trapped)
Agr2 (Targeted)
Agr3 (Targeted)
Agrp (Targeted)
Agtpbp1 (Trapped)
Agxt2 (Targeted)
Ahcy (Trapped)
Ahcyl1 (Targeted)
Ahcyl2 (Trapped)
Ahi1 (Trapped)
AI413582 (Trapped)
Aifm2 (Trapped)
Aifm3 (Trapped)
Aimp1 (Trapped)
Aimp2 (Trapped)
Ak2 (Trapped)
Ak3 (Trapped)
Ak5 (Targeted)
Ak7 (Trapped)
Ak8 (Trapped)
Ak9 (Targeted)
Akr1c14 (Targeted)
Akr1d1 (Targeted)
Akr7a5 (Targeted)
Akt1 (Trapped)
Alb (Targeted)
Alcam (Targeted)
Aldh16a1 (Trapped)
Aldh1b1 (Targeted)
Aldh2 (Trapped)
Aldh3b1 (Trapped)
Aldh7a1 (Trapped)
Aldh8a1 (Targeted)
Alg11 (Trapped)
Alg13 (Trapped)
Alg2 (Targeted)
Alg9 (Trapped)
Alk (Targeted)
Alkbh1 (Trapped)
Alkbh3 (Trapped)
Alkbh6 (Trapped)
Alkbh8 (Trapped)
Alox12b (Targeted)
Alox8 (Targeted)
Alpk1 (Targeted)
Alpk2 (Targeted)
Alpk3 (Trapped)
Als2 (Trapped)
Amdhd2 (Trapped)
Amica1 (Targeted)
Amigo2 (Trapped)
Amigo3 (Targeted)
Amt (Trapped)
Angel2 (Trapped)
Angptl1 (Targeted)
Angptl2 (Targeted)
Angptl3 (Targeted)
Angptl4 (Trapped)
Angptl6 (Trapped)
Angptl7 (Targeted)
Angptl8 (Targeted)
Ankk1 (Targeted)
Ankrd13a (Trapped)
Ankrd17 (Trapped)
Ankrd9 (Trapped)
Anks1 (Trapped)
Anpep (Trapped)
Antxr1 (Targeted)
Antxr2 (Targeted)
Anxa1 (Targeted)
Anxa4 (Trapped)
Aoc1 (Targeted)
Aoc2 (Targeted)
Aoc3 (Trapped)
Aox3 (Targeted)
Aox3 (Trapped)
Ap1b1 (Trapped)
Ap2b1 (Targeted)
Ap4b1 (Targeted)
Apbb1 (Targeted)
Apeh (Targeted)
Aph1a - TF0038 (Targeted)
Aph1a - TF2165 (Targeted)
Aph1c (Targeted)
Apln (Targeted)
Apoa4 (Targeted)
Apoa5 (Targeted)
Apobec1 (Trapped)
Apobec2 (Trapped)
Apoc4 (Targeted)
Apod (Trapped)
Apof (Targeted)
Apom (Trapped)
Aptx (Targeted)
Aqp11 (Targeted)
Aqp3 (Trapped)
Aqp7 (Targeted)
Aqp8 (Targeted)
Aqp9 (Trapped)
Ar (Targeted)
Arfrp1 (Trapped)
Arhgap12 (Trapped)
Arhgef18 (Trapped)
Arih1 (Trapped)
Arl1 (Trapped)
Arl10 (Trapped)
Arl3 (Trapped)
Arl4d (Trapped)
Arl5b (Trapped)
Arsg (Targeted)
Art1 (Trapped)
Art5 (Targeted)
As3mt (Trapped)
Asah2 (Targeted)
Asic1 (Trapped)
Asic4 (Targeted)
Asic5 (Targeted)
Asna1 (Trapped)
Asns (Trapped)
Asnsd1 (Trapped)
Asphd1 (Targeted)
Aspn (Targeted)
Asrgl1 (Targeted)
Astl (Targeted)
Atg4b (Trapped)
Atg4c (Trapped)
Atg4d (Trapped)
Athl1 (Trapped)
Atm (Trapped)
Atp10b (Targeted)
Atp10d (Trapped)
Atp11a (Targeted)
Atp12a (Targeted)
Atp13a1 (Targeted)
Atp13a3 (Targeted)
Atp13a4 (Targeted)
Atp13a5 (Targeted)
Atp1a1 (Trapped)
Atp1a3 (Targeted)
Atp1a4 (Targeted)
Atp1b3 (Trapped)
Atp2a2 (Trapped)
Atp2b1 (Targeted)
Atp2b3 (Targeted)
Atp2b4 (Trapped)
Atp6v0a1 (Trapped)
Atp6v0d1 (Trapped)
Atp6v1a (Trapped)
Atp6v1f (Trapped)
Atp6v1g1 (Trapped)
Atp6v1h (Trapped)
Atp8a1 (Targeted)
Atp8a2 (Trapped)
Atp8b2 (Targeted)
Atp8b3 (Targeted)
Atp8b4 (Targeted)
Atp8b5 (Trapped)
Atp9a (Trapped)
Atp9b (Targeted)
Atraid (Trapped)
Atrnl1 (Trapped)
AU018091 (Trapped)
AU021092 (Targeted)
AU040320 (Targeted)
Aurka (Trapped)
Aurkb (Trapped)
Aurkc (Targeted)
Avpr1a (Targeted)
Avpr1b (Targeted)
Axl (Targeted)
Azgp1 (Targeted)
Azin1 (Trapped)
Azin2 (Trapped)
B3galnt2 (Trapped)
B3gnt2 (Trapped)
B3gnt5 (Trapped)
B3gnt7 (Trapped)
B3gnt9 (Targeted)
B4galnt2 (Trapped)
B4galt3 (Trapped)
B4galt5 (Trapped)
B4galt6 (Trapped)
B9d1 (Targeted)
Baalc (Targeted)
Bace1 (Targeted)
Bace2 (Targeted)
Bag3 (Trapped)
Bak1 (Trapped)
Bap1 (Trapped)
BC004004 (Trapped)
BC021891 (Targeted)
BC030499 (Targeted)
BC037156 (Targeted)
BC117090 (Targeted)
Bcam (Trapped)
Bcat1 (Trapped)
Bcat2 (Trapped)
Bckdk (Trapped)
Bclaf1 (Trapped)
Bdh1 (Trapped)
Bdh2 (Targeted)
Bdh2 (Trapped)
Bfar (Trapped)
Birc5 (Trapped)
Birc6 (Trapped)
Birc7 (Targeted)
Blvra (Trapped)
Bmp10 (Targeted)
Bmp2 (Targeted)
Bmp6 (Targeted)
Bmper (Targeted)
Boc (Targeted)
Bphl (Trapped)
Bpifa1 (Targeted)
Bpifa3 (Targeted)
Bpifb1 (Targeted)
Bpifb2 (Targeted)
Bpifb3 (Targeted)
Bpifb4 (Targeted)
Bpifb6 (Targeted)
Bpifc (Targeted)
Bpnt1 (Trapped)
Brd2 (Targeted)
Brd3 (Trapped)
Bri3 (Trapped)
Bri3bp (Trapped)
Brinp2 (Targeted)
Brs3 (Targeted)
Brsk1 (Trapped)
Brsk2 (Targeted)
Btg3 (Trapped)
Btn1a1 (Targeted)
Btnl9 (Targeted)
Bub1 (Targeted)
Bub1b (Trapped)
C130060K24Rik (Targeted)
C1galt1 (Trapped)
C1qbp (Trapped)
C1ql1 (Targeted)
C1ql2 (Targeted)
C1ql3 (Targeted)
C1ql4 (Targeted)
C1qtnf1 (Targeted)
C1qtnf2 (Targeted)
C1qtnf3 (Targeted)
C1qtnf4 (Targeted)
C1qtnf5 (Trapped)
C1qtnf6 (Targeted)
C1qtnf7 (Targeted)
C1qtnf9 (Targeted)
C1rl (Targeted)
C2 (Trapped)
C2cd2 (Targeted)
C4bp (Targeted)
C5ar2 (Targeted)
C87436 (Trapped)
C8g (Trapped)
C9 (Targeted)
Cacfd1 (Targeted)
Cacna1a (Targeted)
Cacna1c (Targeted)
Cacna1f (Targeted)
Cacna1g (Targeted)
Cacna1h (Targeted)
Cacna1i (Targeted)
Cacna2d1 (Targeted)
Cacna2d3 (Targeted)
Cacng2 (Trapped)
Cacng6 (Trapped)
Cacybp (Trapped)
Cadm1 (Trapped)
Cadm2 (Targeted)
Cadm3 (Targeted)
Calca (Targeted)
Calcb (Targeted)
Calcoco1 (Targeted)
Calcr (Targeted)
Calhm2 (Trapped)
Camk1 (Trapped)
Camk1d (Trapped)
Camk1g (Targeted)
Camk2b - TF1659 (Trapped)
Camk2b - TF3065 (Trapped)
Camk2d (Targeted)
Camkk1 (Targeted)
Camkk2 (Trapped)
Camkv (Trapped)
Capn10 (Targeted)
Capn12 (Targeted)
Capn13 (Targeted)
Capn15 (Trapped)
Capn2 (Targeted)
Capn3 (Trapped)
Capn5 (Trapped)
Capn7 (Trapped)
Capn8 (Targeted)
Caprin2 (Trapped)
Car11 (Trapped)
Car14 (Trapped)
Car15 (Targeted)
Car5b (Trapped)
Car7 (Targeted)
Car9 (Targeted)
Card14 (Targeted)
Card19 (Targeted)
Carm1 (Trapped)
Cars2 (Trapped)
Cartpt (Targeted)
Casc4 (Trapped)
Casp14 (Targeted)
Casp2 (Trapped)
Casp6 (Trapped)
Casp7 (Targeted)
Casp8ap2 (Trapped)
Casq1 (Trapped)
Catsper3 (Targeted)
Catsper4 (Targeted)
Cbl (Trapped)
Cbln1 (Targeted)
Cbln2 (Targeted)
Cbln3 (Targeted)
Cbln4 (Targeted)
Cbr3 (Targeted)
Cbx5 (Trapped)
Ccbe1 (Targeted)
Ccdc126 (Targeted)
Ccdc127 (Trapped)
Ccdc134 (Trapped)
Ccdc80 (Targeted)
Ccl1 (Targeted)
Ccl17 (Targeted)
Ccl19 (Targeted)
Ccl2 (Targeted)
Ccl20 (Targeted)
Ccl22 (Targeted)
Ccl25 (Targeted)
Ccl28 (Targeted)
Ccl4 (Targeted)
Ccl7 (Targeted)
Ccl8 (Targeted)
Ccl9 (Targeted)
Ccr1l1 (Targeted)
Ccr2 (Targeted)
Ccr3 (Targeted)
Ccr4 (Targeted)
Ccr8 (Targeted)
Cct6a (Trapped)
Cct6b (Trapped)
Cd109 (Trapped)
Cd151 (Trapped)
Cd163l1 (Targeted)
Cd164l2 (Targeted)
Cd200r1 (Targeted)
Cd226 (Targeted)
Cd248 (Targeted)
Cd274 (Targeted)
Cd276 (Targeted)
Cd28 (Targeted)
Cd300a (Targeted)
Cd300lb (Targeted)
Cd300lf (Targeted)
Cd300lg (Targeted)
Cd302 (Targeted)
Cd320 (Trapped)
Cd36 - TF3114 (Targeted)
Cd36 - TF3781 (Targeted)
Cd37 (Trapped)
Cd63 (Trapped)
Cd68 (Trapped)
Cd70 (Targeted)
Cd79b (Trapped)
Cd80 (Trapped)
Cd81 (Trapped)
Cd82 (Targeted)
Cd84 (Targeted)
Cd93 (Targeted)
Cd97 - TF0102 (Trapped)
Cd97 - TF1899 (Trapped)
Cd99l2 (Targeted)
Cdan1 (Targeted)
Cdc14b (Trapped)
Cdc25a (Trapped)
Cdc25c (Trapped)
Cdc34 (Trapped)
Cdc42bpg (Targeted)
Cdcp1 (Targeted)
Cdcp2 (Targeted)
Cdh10 (Targeted)
Cdh16 (Targeted)
Cdh19 (Targeted)
Cdh2 (Trapped)
Cdh22 (Trapped)
Cdh24 (Targeted)
Cdh7 (Targeted)
Cdhr3 (Targeted)
Cdhr5 (Targeted)
Cdip1 (Trapped)
Cdipt (Trapped)
Cdk13 (Targeted)
Cdk14 (Targeted)
Cdk15 (Trapped)
Cdk16 (Trapped)
Cdk18 (Trapped)
Cdk19 (Trapped)
Cdk2 (Trapped)
Cdk20 (Targeted)
Cdk6 (Trapped)
Cdk7 (Trapped)
Cdk8 (Trapped)
Cdk9 (Trapped)
Cdkl1 (Trapped)
Cdkl2 (Trapped)
Cdkl3 (Trapped)
Cdkl4 (Targeted)
Cdkl5 (Trapped)
Cdnf (Targeted)
Cdon (Trapped)
Cds2 (Trapped)
Cdsn (Targeted)
Cdyl (Trapped)
Cdyl2 (Trapped)
Ceacam10 (Targeted)
Ceacam18 (Targeted)
Ceacam19 (Targeted)
Cela2a (Trapped)
Cela3b (Targeted)
Celsr1 (Targeted)
Celsr3 (Targeted)
Cend1 (Targeted)
Cep76 (Trapped)
Cept1 (Trapped)
Cerk (Targeted)
Ces1f (Targeted)
Cfhr1 (Targeted)
Cfl1 (Trapped)
Cfl2 (Trapped)
Cgref1 (Targeted)
Cgrrf1 (Targeted)
Chad (Targeted)
Chadl (Targeted)
Chd1 (Trapped)
Chd1l (Trapped)
Chd2 (Trapped)
Chd7 (Trapped)
Chek1 (Trapped)
Chfr (Targeted)
Chga (Targeted)
Chgb (Targeted)
Chia1 (Targeted)
Chid1 (Trapped)
Chit1 (Trapped)
Chka (Targeted)
Chkb (Targeted)
Chodl (Targeted)
Chpf (Targeted)
Chpf2 (Targeted)
Chpt1 (Trapped)
Chrdl1 (Targeted)
Chrdl2 (Targeted)
Chrm2 (Targeted)
Chrm5 (Targeted)
Chrna10 (Targeted)
Chrna2 (Targeted)
Chrna5 (Targeted)
Chrna7 (Targeted)
Chrnb3 (Targeted)
Chrnb4 (Trapped)
Chst12 (Trapped)
Chst14 (Targeted)
Chst15 (Targeted)
Chst8 (Trapped)
Chsy1 (Targeted)
Chuk (Targeted)
Ciapin1 (Trapped)
Cidea (Trapped)
Cisd1 (Trapped)
Cit (Trapped)
Cklf (Targeted)
Clca1 (Targeted)
Clca2 (Targeted)
Clca4a (Targeted)
Clca4b (Targeted)
Clcf1 (Targeted)
Clcn4 (Targeted)
Clcn6 (Trapped)
Clcn7 (Targeted)
Cldn1 (Targeted)
Cldn14 (Targeted)
Cldn18 (Targeted)
Cldn2 (Targeted)
Cldn6 (Targeted)
Cldn8 (Targeted)
Clec11a (Targeted)
Clec12b (Targeted)
Clec14a (Targeted)
Clec16a (Trapped)
Clec18a (Targeted)
Clec1a (Targeted)
Clec1b (Targeted)
Clec3a (Targeted)
Clec4d (Targeted)
Clec4e (Targeted)
Clec4f (Targeted)
Clec4g (Targeted)
Clec5a (Targeted)
Clec7a (Targeted)
Clic1 (Trapped)
Clic3 (Targeted)
Clic4 (Trapped)
Clic5 (Targeted)
Clic6 (Targeted)
Clk1 (Trapped)
Clk2 (Trapped)
Clk3 (Trapped)
Clk4 (Trapped)
Clmp (Targeted)
Clnk (Targeted)
Clpp (Trapped)
Clstn2 (Targeted)
Clstn3 (Trapped)
Clvs2 (Targeted)
Cma1 (Targeted)
Cmc1 (Targeted)
Cmklr1 (Targeted)
Cmpk1 (Trapped)
Cmtm2a (Targeted)
Cmtm4 (Trapped)
Cmtm7 (Trapped)
Cndp1 - TF2269 (Targeted)
Cndp1 - TF3322 (Targeted)
Cnih (Trapped)
Cnih4 - TF2804 (Trapped)
Cnih4 - TF4084 (Trapped)
Cnot6 (Trapped)
Cnpy3 (Trapped)
Cnpy4 (Targeted)
Cnr1 (Targeted)
Cntfr (Targeted)
Cntn2 (Targeted)
Cntn3 (Targeted)
Cntn4 (Targeted)
Cntn5 (Targeted)
Cntnap2 (Targeted)
Cntnap3 (Targeted)
Cntnap4 (Targeted)
Cntnap5a (Targeted)
Cntnap5b (Targeted)
Coa4 (Trapped)
Coasy (Targeted)
Cog7 (Targeted)
Col13a1 (Trapped)
Col14a1 (Targeted)
Col16a1 (Targeted)
Col18a1 (Trapped)
Col20a1 (Targeted)
Col23a1 (Targeted)
Col26a1 (Targeted)
Col27a1 (Targeted)
Col4a1 (Targeted)
Colec10 (Targeted)
Colec11 (Targeted)
Colec12 (Targeted)
Comt (Targeted)
Comtd1 (Trapped)
Coq3 (Trapped)
Coq5 (Trapped)
Corin (Targeted)
Cort (Trapped)
Cox10 (Trapped)
Cox16 (Trapped)
Cox18 (Trapped)
Cox7a2l (Trapped)
Cpa1 (Targeted)
Cpa2 (Trapped)
Cpa3 (Targeted)
Cpa4 (Targeted)
Cpa5 (Targeted)
Cpa6 (Targeted)
Cpb1 (Targeted)
Cpb2 (Trapped)
Cpd (Targeted)
Cphx1 (Trapped)
Cpm (Trapped)
Cpn2 (Targeted)
Cpne3 (Trapped)
Cpt1a (Targeted)
Cpt1c (Trapped)
Cpvl (Targeted)
Cpxm1 (Targeted)
Cpxm2 (Targeted)
Cpz (Targeted)
Cradd (Trapped)
Crb2 (Targeted)
Crb3 (Targeted)
Creld1 (Targeted)
Creld2 (Targeted)
Crhr1 (Targeted)
Crim1 (Targeted)
Crisp2 (Targeted)
Crisp4 (Targeted)
Crispld1 (Targeted)
Crispld2 (Targeted)
Crlf2 (Trapped)
Crlf3 (Targeted)
Crls1 (Trapped)
Crmp1 (Trapped)
Crot (Targeted)
Crp (Targeted)
Crtac1 (Trapped)
Crtam (Targeted)
Crtap (Trapped)
Cryz (Trapped)
Cryzl1 (Trapped)
Cs (Trapped)
Csad (Trapped)
Csgalnact1 (Targeted)
Csgalnact2 (Trapped)
Csmd1 (Targeted)
Csmd2 (Targeted)
Csmd3 (Targeted)
Csnk1a1 (Trapped)
Csnk1d (Targeted)
Csnk1g1 (Trapped)
Csnk1g3 (Trapped)
Csnk2a1 (Trapped)
Csnk2a2 (Trapped)
Cspg5 (Trapped)
Csrp2bp (Trapped)
Cst11 (Targeted)
Cst8 (Targeted)
Cst9 (Targeted)
Csta1 (Trapped)
Cstl1 (Targeted)
Ctbp2 (Trapped)
Ctbs (Targeted)
Ctdspl2 (Trapped)
Cthrc1 (Targeted)
Ctla2b (Targeted)
Ctps (Trapped)
Ctps2 (Trapped)
Ctrb1 (Trapped)
Ctrc (Targeted)
Cts3 (Targeted)
Cts6 (Targeted)
Cts7 (Targeted)
Cts8 (Targeted)
Ctsb (Trapped)
Ctsc (Targeted)
Ctse (Targeted)
Ctsf (Targeted)
Ctsg (Targeted)
Ctsh (Targeted)
Ctsl (Targeted)
Ctsll3 (Targeted)
Ctso (Targeted)
Ctsz (Targeted)
Ctxn1 (Targeted)
Cubn (Trapped)
Cuedc2 (Trapped)
Cul5 (Trapped)
Cuzd1 (Targeted)
Cwc27 (Trapped)
Cwc27 (Targeted)
Cwh43 (Trapped)
Cxcl1 (Targeted)
Cxcl11 (Targeted)
Cxcl14 (Targeted)
Cxcl16 (Targeted)
Cxcl17 (Targeted)
Cxcl5 (Targeted)
Cxcl9 (Targeted)
Cxcr3 (Targeted)
Cxcr6 (Targeted)
Cxxc4 (Targeted)
Cyb561 (Trapped)
Cyb5d2 (Trapped)
Cyb5rl (Trapped)
Cyld (Targeted)
Cyp2b10 (Targeted)
Cyp2c44 (Trapped)
Cyp2s1 (Targeted)
Cyp39a1 (Trapped)
Cyp4f13 (Trapped)
Cyp4x1 (Targeted)
Cyp51 (Targeted)
Cysltr1 (Targeted)
Cysltr2 (Targeted)
Cysrt1 (Trapped)
Cytl1 (Targeted)
Cyyr1 (Targeted)
D130043K22Rik (Targeted)
D2hgdh (Trapped)
D8Ertd82e (Targeted)
Daglb (Trapped)
Dand5 (Targeted)
Dap3 (Trapped)
Dapk2 (Trapped)
Dbi (Targeted)
Dbr1 (Trapped)
Dcbld1 (Trapped)
Dcbld2 (Targeted)
Dclk2 (Targeted)
Dclk3 (Targeted)
Dcp2 (Trapped)
Dcstamp (Targeted)
Dctd (Trapped)
Ddah1 (Trapped)
Ddah2 (Trapped)
Ddc (Trapped)
Ddo (Targeted)
Ddost (Trapped)
Ddr1 (Targeted)
Ddrgk1 (Targeted)
Ddx10 (Trapped)
Ddx19a (Trapped)
Ddx23 (Trapped)
Ddx24 (Trapped)
Ddx41 (Targeted)
Ddx42 (Trapped)
Ddx47 (Trapped)
Ddx49 (Trapped)
Ddx50 (Trapped)
Decr2 (Targeted)
Def6 (Trapped)
Defb12 (Targeted)
Defb19 (Targeted)
Defb3 (Targeted)
Defb36 (Targeted)
Defb45 (Targeted)
Degs1 (Trapped)
Degs2 (Trapped)
Dennd5a (Trapped)
Desi1 (Trapped)
Dexi (Targeted)
Dffb (Trapped)
Dgat2 - TF1018 (Targeted)
Dgat2 - TF3689 (Targeted)
Dgcr2 (Trapped)
Dgcr6 (Trapped)
Dgkb (Trapped)
Dgkd (Trapped)
Dgke (Trapped)
Dgkg (Targeted)
Dgkh (Targeted)
Dgki (Trapped)
Dgkk (Targeted)
Dgkz (Targeted)
Dhdh (Trapped)
Dhrs1 (Trapped)
Dhrs3 (Targeted)
Dhrs4 (Targeted)
Dhrs7 (Trapped)
Dhrs7b (Trapped)
Dhtkd1 (Trapped)
Dhx29 (Trapped)
Dhx35 (Trapped)
Dhx38 (Trapped)
Dicer1 (Trapped)
Dirc2 (Trapped)
Dis3 (Trapped)
Dis3l (Trapped)
Dkk2 (Targeted)
Dkk3 (Targeted)
Dkk4 (Targeted)
Dkkl1 (Trapped)
Dlc1 (Trapped)
Dlg4 (Trapped)
Dlk2 (Targeted)
Dmd (Trapped)
Dmkn (Targeted)
Dnajc10 (Targeted)
Dnajc17 (Trapped)
Dnajc27 (Trapped)
Dnase1l1 (Trapped)
Dnase1l3 (Targeted)
Dner (Targeted)
Dnm1 (Trapped)
Dnm2 (Trapped)
Dnpep (Targeted)
Dolk (Targeted)
Dolpp1 (Trapped)
Dot1l (Trapped)
Dpagt1 (Trapped)
Dpep1 (Targeted)
Dpep2 (Targeted)
Dpep3 (Targeted)
Dpp10 (Targeted)
Dpp4 (Targeted)
Dpp6 (Trapped)
Dpp8 (Targeted)
Dpp9 (Targeted)
Dpy19l2 (Targeted)
Dpy19l4 (Trapped)
Dpyd (Targeted)
Dpysl4 (Targeted)
Dram2 (Targeted)
Draxin (Targeted)
Drd2 (Targeted)
Drd5 (Targeted)
Drg1 (Trapped)
Drosha (Trapped)
Dsc2 (Targeted)
Dscam (Targeted)
Dscaml1 (Trapped)
Dsg2 (Trapped)
Dstyk (Trapped)
Dtd1 (Trapped)
Dtnb (Trapped)
Duox1 (Trapped)
Duoxa1 (Targeted)
Duoxa2 (Targeted)
Dusp1 (Targeted)
Dusp11 (Targeted)
Dusp12 (Trapped)
Dusp14 (Trapped)
Dusp15 (Targeted)
Dusp18 (Targeted)
Dusp19 (Targeted)
Dusp22 (Targeted)
Dusp23 (Targeted)
Dusp27 (Trapped)
Dusp3 (Targeted)
Dusp4 (Targeted)
Dusp6 (Targeted)
Dyrk1b (Targeted)
Dyrk2 (Targeted)
Dyrk3 (Trapped)
Dyrk4 (Targeted)
Dzip3 (Trapped)
Ear6 (Targeted)
Ears2 (Trapped)
Ebag9 (Targeted)
Ebi3 (Trapped)
Ece2 (Trapped)
Ech1 (Trapped)
Echs1 (Trapped)
Eci1 (Trapped)
Ecm2 (Targeted)
Eddm3b (Targeted)
Edem1 (Targeted)
Edil3 (Targeted)
Edn2 (Targeted)
Eef1e1 (Trapped)
Efemp1 (Targeted)
Efemp2 (Targeted)
Efna1 (Targeted)
Efna2 (Trapped)
Efna3 (Targeted)
Efna4 (Trapped)
EG668628 (Trapped)
Egfl6 (Targeted)
Egfl8 (Targeted)
Egflam (Targeted)
Egln3 (Targeted)
Egr1 (Trapped)
Ehmt1 (Trapped)
Eif4a2 (Trapped)
Elac1 (Targeted)
Elfn2 (Targeted)
Elovl6 (Trapped)
Elp3 (Trapped)
Elp6 (Trapped)
Emb (Trapped)
Emc10 (Trapped)
Emc6 (Trapped)
Emc7 (Targeted)
Emcn (Targeted)
Emid1 (Targeted)
Emilin1 (Trapped)
Emp1 (Targeted)
Emp2 (Targeted)
Emp3 (Trapped)
Endou (Targeted)
Eno2 (Trapped)
Enoph1 (Trapped)
Enox1 (Trapped)
Enpp1 (Targeted)
Enpp2 (Targeted)
Enpp3 - TF1035 (Targeted)
Enpp3 - TF1128 (Targeted)
Enpp5 (Targeted)
Enpp6 (Targeted)
Enpp7 (Targeted)
Ensa (Trapped)
Entpd4 (Trapped)
Entpd7 (Trapped)
Epcam (Targeted)
Epdr1 (Targeted)
Epgn (Targeted)
Epha1 (Targeted)
Epha10 (Targeted)
Epha6 (Targeted)
Epha7 (Targeted)
Ephx2 (Trapped)
Epor (Targeted)
Eprs (Trapped)
Ept1 (Trapped)
Epyc (Targeted)
Erap1 (Targeted)
Eras (Trapped)
Ereg (Targeted)
Ergic1 (Trapped)
Erlec1 (Targeted)
Erlin1 (Trapped)
Ermp1 (Targeted)
Erp27 (Targeted)
Esam (Trapped)
Esm1 (Targeted)
Esrra (Targeted)
Esrrg (Targeted)
Esyt1 (Trapped)
Etnppl (Targeted)
Eva1a (Targeted)
Eva1b (Trapped)
Eva1c (Targeted)
Exo1 (Trapped)
Exoc5 (Targeted)
Exoc7 (Targeted)
Exosc10 (Trapped)
Exosc4 (Trapped)
Exosc5 (Trapped)
Ext1 (Targeted)
Extl3 (Trapped)
Ezh2 (Trapped)
F10 (Targeted)
F11r (Trapped)
F12 (Targeted)
F2r (Trapped)
F2rl1 (Trapped)
F2rl2 (Targeted)
F2rl3 (Targeted)
F7 (Targeted)
Faah (Targeted)
Fabp2 (Targeted)
Fads2 (Trapped)
Fads3 (Trapped)
Fads3 (Targeted)
Fads6 (Trapped)
Fam131a (Targeted)
Fam132a (Targeted)
Fam132b (Targeted)
Fam150a (Targeted)
Fam151a (Targeted)
Fam159a (Targeted)
Fam159b (Targeted)
Fam163b (Targeted)
Fam168b (Trapped)
Fam174a (Targeted)
Fam180a (Targeted)
Fam198a (Targeted)
Fam198b (Targeted)
Fam19a1 (Trapped)
Fam19a2 (Targeted)
Fam19a3 (Targeted)
Fam19a4 (Trapped)
Fam20a (Targeted)
Fam20b (Trapped)
Fam20c (Targeted)
Fam234a (Trapped)
Fam3a (Trapped)
Fam3b (Targeted)
Fam3c (Trapped)
Fam3c - TF3787 (Targeted)
Fam3c - TF3788 (Targeted)
Fam69b (Trapped)
Fam83d (Trapped)
Fam96a (Trapped)
Far1 (Targeted)
Fars2 (Trapped)
Farsa (Trapped)
Fasn (Targeted)
Fastk (Trapped)
Fat3 (Targeted)
Fat4 (Targeted)
Fbln2 (Targeted)
Fbln7 (Targeted)
Fbp2 (Targeted)
Fcamr (Targeted)
Fcer1g (Trapped)
Fcgbp (Trapped)
Fchsd1 (Targeted)
Fcmr (Targeted)
Fcnb (Targeted)
Fcrl1 (Targeted)
Fcrl5 (Targeted)
Fcrlb (Targeted)
Fcrls (Targeted)
Fetub (Targeted)
Ffar1 (Targeted)
Ffar2 (Targeted)
Ffar3 (Targeted)
Ffar4 (Targeted)
Fgf1 (Targeted)
Fgf11 (Targeted)
Fgf13 (Targeted)
Fgf15 (Targeted)
Fgf16 (Targeted)
Fgf17 (Trapped)
Fgf2 (Targeted)
Fgf21 (Targeted)
Fgf22 (Targeted)
Fgf23 (Targeted)
Fgfbp1 (Targeted)
Fgfbp3 (Targeted)
Fgfr1 (Trapped)
Fgfrl1 (Targeted)
Fgl1 (Targeted)
Fibcd1 (Targeted)
Fig4 (Trapped)
Fitm2 (Trapped)
Fkbp10 (Targeted)
Fkbp11 (Trapped)
Fkbp15 (Trapped)
Fkbp4 (Trapped)
Fkbp5 (Trapped)
Fkbp9 (Trapped)
Flad1 (Trapped)
Flrt1 (Targeted)
Flrt2 (Targeted)
Flrt3 (Targeted)
Fn3k (Targeted)
Fn3krp (Targeted)
Fndc3b (Targeted)
Fndc8 (Targeted)
Fnta (Trapped)
Fntb (Trapped)
Foxo4 (Trapped)
Foxred1 (Trapped)
Fpgs (Trapped)
Fpr-rs3 (Targeted)
Fpr2 (Targeted)
Frmd5 (Trapped)
Frrs1 (Trapped)
Frzb (Targeted)
Fscn1 (Trapped)
Fstl1 (Trapped)
Fstl3 (Targeted)
Fuca2 (Targeted)
Fuk (Targeted)
Fut8 (Trapped)
Fuz (Trapped)
Fxyd1 (Targeted)
Fxyd4 (Targeted)
Fxyd5 (Trapped)
Fxyd6 (Trapped)
Fzd10 (Targeted)
Fzd2 (Targeted)
Fzd3 (Targeted)
Fzd4 - TF3783 (Targeted)
Fzd4 - TF3784 (Targeted)
Fzd6 (Targeted)
Fzd7 (Targeted)
Fzd8 (Targeted)
Fzd9 (Targeted)
G2e3 (Trapped)
G6pc3 (Targeted)
Gabarap (Trapped)
Gabbr2 (Targeted)
Gabra1 (Targeted)
Gabra2 (Targeted)
Gabra3 (Targeted)
Gabra5 (Targeted)
Gabrg1 (Targeted)
Gabrr3 (Targeted)
Gad2 (Targeted)
Gak (Targeted)
Gal3st3 (Trapped)
Galk2 (Trapped)
Galnt10 (Trapped)
Galnt14 (Targeted)
Galnt2 (Trapped)
Galnt5 (Targeted)
Galp (Targeted)
Galr1 (Targeted)
Galr2 (Trapped)
Galr3 (Targeted)
Ganab (Trapped)
Gart (Trapped)
Gas6 (Targeted)
Gbp2b (Targeted)
Gbp5 (Targeted)
Gcnt1 (Trapped)
Gde1 (Targeted)
Gdf15 (Targeted)
Gdf2 (Targeted)
Gdf3 (Trapped)
Gdf6 (Targeted)
Gdf9 (Trapped)
Gdpd2 (Targeted)
Gdpd5 (Trapped)
Gen1 (Trapped)
Gfod1 (Trapped)
Gfod2 (Trapped)
Gfpt1 (Targeted)
Gfpt2 (Trapped)
Gfra4 (Targeted)
Gfral (Targeted)
Ggnbp2 (Trapped)
Ggps1 (Trapped)
Ghrl - TF3187 (Targeted)
Ghrl - TF3249 (Targeted)
Ghsr (Targeted)
Gip (Targeted)
Gipc1 (Trapped)
Gja4 (Trapped)
Gk5 (Trapped)
Gkn1 (Targeted)
Gkn2 (Targeted)
Gla (Trapped)
Glb1l2 (Targeted)
Gldn (Targeted)
Glipr1 (Targeted)
Glipr1l1 (Targeted)
Glipr1l2 (Targeted)
Glmn (Trapped)
Glmp (Targeted)
Glo1 (Trapped)
Glod4 (Trapped)
Glod5 (Trapped)
Glp2r (Targeted)
Glra2 (Targeted)
Glra3 (Targeted)
Glrx (Targeted)
Gls2 (Trapped)
Glt1d1 (Trapped)
Glt8d1 (Trapped)
Glt8d1 (Targeted)
Glt8d2 (Targeted)
Gltp (Trapped)
Gm1045 (Targeted)
Gm128 (Trapped)
Gm412 (Targeted)
Gm5134 (Trapped)
Gm525 (Trapped)
Gm626 (Targeted)
Gm94 (Targeted)
Gmfg (Trapped)
Gmppa (Trapped)
Gmppb (Trapped)
Gmpr2 (Trapped)
Gna12 (Trapped)
Gnb1l (Trapped)
Gng3 (Targeted)
Gng7 (Targeted)
Gnl3 (Trapped)
Gnpda1 (Trapped)
Gnptab (Trapped)
Gnptab (Targeted)
Gnptg (Targeted)
Got1 (Trapped)
Gp6 (Targeted)
Gpa33 (Trapped)
Gpam (Targeted)
Gpat4 (Trapped)
Gpbar1 (Targeted)
Gpc1 (Targeted)
Gpc2 (Targeted)
Gpc4 (Targeted)
Gpc5 (Targeted)
Gpc6 (Targeted)
Gper1 (Targeted)
Gpha2 (Targeted)
Gphb5 (Targeted)
Gphb5 (Conditional)
Gpihbp1 (Targeted)
Gpld1 (Targeted)
Gpm6a (Targeted)
Gpn1 (Trapped)
Gpr1 (Trapped)
Gpr107 (Trapped)
Gpr114 (Trapped)
Gpr119 (Targeted)
Gpr12 (Targeted)
Gpr120 (Targeted)
Gpr133 (Targeted)
Gpr135 (Targeted)
Gpr137 (Targeted)
Gpr137b (Targeted)
Gpr137c (Targeted)
Gpr141 (Targeted)
Gpr142 (Targeted)
Gpr143 (Targeted)
Gpr146 (Targeted)
Gpr149 (Targeted)
Gpr15 (Targeted)
Gpr151 - TF0737 (Targeted)
Gpr151 - TF0911 (Targeted)
Gpr152 (Targeted)
Gpr153 (Targeted)
Gpr156 (Targeted)
Gpr157 (Targeted)
Gpr158 (Targeted)
Gpr160 (Trapped)
Gpr161 (Targeted)
Gpr162 (Targeted)
Gpr165 (Targeted)
Gpr17 (Targeted)
Gpr171 (Targeted)
Gpr174 (Targeted)
Gpr176 (Targeted)
Gpr179 (Trapped)
Gpr18 (Targeted)
Gpr182 (Targeted)
Gpr183 (Targeted)
Gpr19 (Trapped)
Gpr19 (Targeted)
Gpr20 (Targeted)
Gpr21 (Targeted)
Gpr25 (Targeted)
Gpr26 (Targeted)
Gpr27 (Targeted)
Gpr3 (Targeted)
Gpr33 (Targeted)
Gpr34 (Targeted)
Gpr37 (Targeted)
Gpr37l1 (Targeted)
Gpr39 (Targeted)
Gpr4 (Targeted)
Gpr50 (Targeted)
Gpr55 (Targeted)
Gpr61 (Targeted)
Gpr63 (Targeted)
Gpr65 (Targeted)
Gpr68 (Targeted)
Gpr82 (Targeted)
Gpr83 (Targeted)
Gpr84 (Targeted)
Gpr87 (Targeted)
Gpr89 (Targeted)
Gprc5b (Targeted)
Gprc5c (Trapped)
Gprc5d (Targeted)
Gprc5d (Trapped)
Gprc6a (Targeted)
Gprin1 (Targeted)
Gpx2 (Trapped)
Gpx3 (Targeted)
Gpx7 (Targeted)
Gpx8 (Targeted)
Gramd1c (Targeted)
Grem2 (Targeted)
Grhpr (Trapped)
Gria1 (Targeted)
Gria2 (Targeted)
Gria3 (Targeted)
Gria4 (Targeted)
Grik4 (Trapped)
Grik5 (Targeted)
Grin3a (Targeted)
Grk4 (Trapped)
Grk6 (Trapped)
Grm3 (Targeted)
Grm8 (Targeted)
Grp (Targeted)
Gsg1 (Targeted)
Gsg2 (Targeted)
Gsk3a (Targeted)
Gsr (Trapped)
Gss (Trapped)
Gsta2 (Trapped)
Gsta3 (Trapped)
Gsta4 (Trapped)
Gstcd (Trapped)
Gstm7 (Targeted)
Gsto1 (Targeted)
Gsto2 (Targeted)
Gstt2 (Trapped)
Gtf2i (Trapped)
Gtf3c4 (Trapped)
Guca2a (Trapped)
Guca2b (Targeted)
Gucy1b2 (Targeted)
Gucy2f (Targeted)
Gucy2g (Targeted)
Guk1 (Trapped)
Gxylt2 (Targeted)
Gys1 (Trapped)
Gzmg (Targeted)
Gzmm (Targeted)
H13 (Trapped)
H2-DMa (Trapped)
H6pd (Trapped)
Habp2 (Targeted)
Hacd2 (Trapped)
Hacd3 (Targeted)
Hacl1 (Targeted)
Hadh (Targeted)
Hamp (Targeted)
Hao1 (Targeted)
Hapln2 (Targeted)
Hapln3 (Targeted)
Hapln4 (Trapped)
Hapln4 (Targeted)
Hars2 (Trapped)
Havcr1 (Targeted)
Havcr2 (Targeted)
Hcar1 (Targeted)
Hcar2 (Targeted)
Hck (Trapped)
Hcn1 (Targeted)
Hcn2 (Targeted)
Hcn2 (Conditional)
Hcn3 (Targeted)
Hcn4 (Targeted)
Hcrtr1 (Targeted)
Hdac10 (Targeted)
Hdac11 (Targeted)
Hdac2 (Targeted)
Hdac3 (Trapped)
Hdac4 (Trapped)
Hdac5 (Targeted)
Hdac6 (Trapped)
Hdac8 (Targeted)
Hdac9 (Targeted)
Hdgfrp2 (Targeted)
Hdhd2 (Trapped)
Hectd1 (Trapped)
Hectd3 (Targeted)
Hecw2 (Trapped)
Hells (Trapped)
Hepacam (Targeted)
Hepacam2 (Targeted)
Hephl1 (Targeted)
Herc1 (Trapped)
Hgfac (Targeted)
Hhip (Trapped)
Hhipl2 (Targeted)
Hibch (Trapped)
Hipk1 (Trapped)
Hipk2 (Targeted)
Hipk3 (Trapped)
Hk3 (Targeted)
Hkdc1 (Targeted)
Hmcn1 (Targeted)
Hmgcr (Trapped)
Hmgcs1 (Trapped)
Hmox2 (Trapped)
Hnf4g (Targeted)
Hnrnpm (Trapped)
Hopx (Targeted)
Hpcal1 (Trapped)
Hpgds (Targeted)
Hpse (Trapped)
Hrct1 (Targeted)
Hrh3 (Targeted)
Hrh4 (Targeted)
Hs3st6 (Targeted)
Hs6st1 (Trapped)
Hs6st2 (Targeted)
Hsd11b1 (Targeted)
Hsd17b11 (Trapped)
Hsd17b12 (Trapped)
Hsd17b13 (Targeted)
Hsd17b14 (Targeted)
Hsd17b2 (Targeted)
Hsd17b3 (Targeted)
Hsd17b7 (Trapped)
Hspb8 (Trapped)
Hspe1 (Trapped)
Htr1d (Targeted)
Htr1f (Targeted)
Htr2a (Targeted)
Htr2c (Targeted)
Htr3a (Targeted)
Htr3b (Targeted)
Htr4 (Targeted)
Htr5a (Targeted)
Htr5b (Targeted)
Htr6 (Targeted)
Htr7 (Targeted)
Htra1 (Trapped)
Htra3 (Targeted)
Htra4 (Targeted)
Hunk (Trapped)
Hvcn1 (Trapped)
Hyal2 (Trapped)
Iah1 (Trapped)
Ick (Trapped)
Icmt (Targeted)
Icos (Targeted)
Ict1 (Trapped)
Ide (Trapped)
Idh1 (Trapped)
Idh2 (Trapped)
Idh3g (Trapped)
Idnk (Targeted)
Ids (Targeted)
Ifi30 (Trapped)
Ifih1 (Targeted)
Ifitm1 (Trapped)
Ifne (Targeted)
Ifnk (Targeted)
Ifnl2 (Targeted)
Ifrd2 (Targeted)
Igdcc3 (Trapped)
Igdcc4 (Trapped)
Igf1r (Targeted)
Igf2bp1 (Trapped)
Igfbp2 (Trapped)
Igfbp3 (Targeted)
Igfbp4 (Targeted)
Igfbp5 (Targeted)
Igfbp7 (Targeted)
Igfbpl1 (Targeted)
Igfl3 (Targeted)
Igflr1 (Targeted)
Igfn1 (Targeted)
Igsf10 (Targeted)
Igsf11 (Targeted)
Igsf21 (Trapped)
Igsf5 (Targeted)
Igsf6 (Targeted)
Igsf8 (Targeted)
Igsf9 (Trapped)
Igsf9b (Trapped)
Ikbkb (Targeted)
Ikbke (Targeted)
Il10ra (Targeted)
Il13ra1 (Targeted)
Il16 (Targeted)
Il17b (Targeted)
Il17c (Targeted)
Il17d (Targeted)
Il17f (Targeted)
Il17rb (Targeted)
Il17rc (Targeted)
Il17rd (Targeted)
Il17re (Targeted)
Il18bp (Targeted)
Il18rap (Targeted)
Il19 (Targeted)
Il1f10 (Targeted)
Il1f5 (Targeted)
Il1f6 (Targeted)
Il1f8 (Targeted)
Il1f9 (Targeted)
Il1r2 (Targeted)
Il1rapl2 (Targeted)
Il1rl2 (Targeted)
Il20 (Targeted)
Il20rb (Targeted)
Il21 (Targeted)
Il21r (Targeted)
Il22 (Targeted)
Il22ra1 (Targeted)
Il22ra2 (Targeted)
Il23a (Targeted)
Il24 (Targeted)
Il25 (Targeted)
Il27 (Targeted)
Il27ra (Trapped)
Il31ra (Targeted)
Il34 (Trapped)
Il4i1 (Targeted)
Il6ra (Trapped)
Ildr1 (Targeted)
Ildr2 (Targeted)
Ilk (Trapped)
Ilkap (Trapped)
Immp1l (Trapped)
Impa1 (Targeted)
Impa2 (Trapped)
Impad1 (Targeted)
Impg1 (Targeted)
Inhbc (Trapped)
Inhbe (Trapped)
Inpp1 (Targeted)
Inpp4a (Trapped)
Inpp5a (Trapped)
Inpp5b (Targeted)
Inpp5e (Targeted)
Inpp5f (Trapped)
Inpp5j (Targeted)
Inpp5k (Trapped)
Insl5 (Targeted)
Insl6 (Targeted)
Ints1 (Targeted)
Ints2 (Trapped)
Ip6k1 (Trapped)
Ip6k3 (Targeted)
Ipmk (Trapped)
Irak1 (Trapped)
Irak3 - TF0309 (Trapped)
Irak3 - TF1927 (Trapped)
Islr (Targeted)
Islr2 (Targeted)
Ism2 (Targeted)
Isoc2b (Trapped)
Isyna1 (Trapped)
Itfg1 (Trapped)
Itfg2 (Trapped)
Itga10 (Targeted)
Itga11 (Targeted)
Itga5 (Targeted)
Itga9 (Trapped)
Itgam (Trapped)
Itgax (Targeted)
Itgbl1 (Targeted)
Itih1 (Targeted)
Itih2 (Targeted)
Itih4 (Targeted)
Itih5 (Targeted)
Itk (Targeted)
Itln1 (Targeted)
Itm2a (Targeted)
Itpk1 (Trapped)
Itpr2 (Targeted)
Itpr3 (Trapped)
Itprip (Targeted)
Itsn1 (Trapped)
Izumo1r (Targeted)
Izumo4 (Targeted)
Jagn1 (Trapped)
Jam2 (Trapped)
Jam3 (Targeted)
Jmjd6 (Targeted)
Jmjd7 (Trapped)
Josd2 (Targeted)
Jtb (Trapped)
Kalrn (Trapped)
Kap (Targeted)
Kat2b (Trapped)
Kat5 (Trapped)
Kat8 (Trapped)
Katna1 (Trapped)
Katnal2 (Trapped)
Kazald1 (Targeted)
Kcna10 (Targeted)
Kcna2 (Targeted)
Kcna3 (Targeted)
Kcna5 (Targeted)
Kcna6 (Targeted)
Kcna7 (Targeted)
Kcnb1 (Targeted)
Kcnb2 (Targeted)
Kcnc4 (Targeted)
Kcnd1 (Targeted)
Kcne1l (Targeted)
Kcne2 (Targeted)
Kcne3 (Targeted)
Kcne4 (Targeted)
Kcnf1 (Targeted)
Kcng1 (Targeted)
Kcng3 (Targeted)
Kcng4 (Targeted)
Kcnh1 (Targeted)
Kcnh3 (Targeted)
Kcnh4 (Targeted)
Kcnh5 (Targeted)
Kcnh6 (Targeted)
Kcnh7 (Targeted)
Kcnh8 (Targeted)
Kcnip3 (Targeted)
Kcnj1 (Targeted)
Kcnj10 (Targeted)
Kcnj11 (Targeted)
Kcnj13 (Targeted)
Kcnj14 (Targeted)
Kcnj15 (Targeted)
Kcnj16 (Targeted)
Kcnj3 (Targeted)
Kcnj8 (Targeted)
Kcnk1 (Targeted)
Kcnk10 (Targeted)
Kcnk12 (Targeted)
Kcnk13 (Targeted)
Kcnk15 (Targeted)
Kcnk16 (Targeted)
Kcnk18 (Targeted)
Kcnk2 (Targeted)
Kcnk4 (Trapped)
Kcnk5 (Trapped)
Kcnk6 (Targeted)
Kcnk9 (Targeted)
Kcnma1 (Targeted)
Kcnmb4 (Targeted)
Kcnn1 (Targeted)
Kcnn2 (Targeted)
Kcnn4 (Targeted)
Kcnq2 (Targeted)
Kcnq3 (Targeted)
Kcnq4 (Targeted)
Kcnq5 (Targeted)
Kcns1 (Targeted)
Kcns2 (Targeted)
Kcnt1 (Targeted)
Kcnt2 (Trapped)
Kcnu1 (Targeted)
Kcnv1 (Targeted)
Kcp (Targeted)
Kctd1 (Targeted)
Kctd15 (Trapped)
Kdm1a (Trapped)
Kdm1b (Trapped)
Kdsr (Trapped)
Kel (Targeted)
Kif11 (Targeted)
Kif12 (Targeted)
Kif13a (Trapped)
Kif13b (Trapped)
Kif16b (Targeted)
Kif1a (Trapped)
Kif1b (Trapped)
Kif20a (Trapped)
Kif22 (Trapped)
Kif27 (Trapped)
Kif2a (Trapped)
Kif2c (Trapped)
Kif7 (Targeted)
Kif9 (Targeted)
Kirrel (Trapped)
Kirrel2 (Targeted)
Kirrel3 (Targeted)
Kiss1 (Targeted)
Kiss1r (Targeted)
Kl (Targeted)
Klk10 (Targeted)
Klk11 (Targeted)
Klk12 (Targeted)
Klk14 (Targeted)
Klk15 (Targeted)
Klk1b16 (Targeted)
Klk1b27 (Targeted)
Klk4 (Targeted)
Klk5 (Targeted)
Klk6 (Targeted)
Klk8 (Targeted)
Klk9 (Targeted)
Klkb1 (Targeted)
Klrb1a (Targeted)
Klrd1 (Targeted)
Klrk1 (Targeted)
Kremen1 (Targeted)
Kremen2 (Targeted)
Krtap2-4 (Targeted)
Krtap26-1 (Targeted)
Krtcap2 (Trapped)
Ksr2 (Targeted)
Kyat1 (Trapped)
Lama1 (Targeted)
Lamc3 (Targeted)
Lap3 (Trapped)
Laptm4a (Trapped)
Laptm4b (Targeted)
Laptm5 (Trapped)
Lars (Trapped)
Lars2 (Trapped)
Lats1 (Trapped)
Lats2 (Targeted)
Layn (Targeted)
Lbp (Trapped)
Lbr (Trapped)
Lclat1 (Targeted)
Lcmt1 (Trapped)
Lcn10 (Targeted)
Lcn2 (Targeted)
Lcn6 (Targeted)
Lcn8 (Targeted)
Lctl (Targeted)
Ldb2 (Targeted)
Ldlrap1 (Trapped)
Leap2 (Targeted)
Lemd2 (Targeted)
Leprotl1 (Targeted)
Lgals2 (Trapped)
Lgals3bp (Targeted)
Lgals7 (Trapped)
Lgals8 (Trapped)
Lgals9 (Trapped)
Lgi2 (Targeted)
Lgi3 (Targeted)
Lgi4 (Targeted)
Lgmn (Trapped)
Lgr5 (Targeted)
Lgr6 (Targeted)
Lhfp (Trapped)
Lhfpl1 (Targeted)
Lhfpl3 (Targeted)
Lhfpl4 (Targeted)
Lias (Trapped)
Lig3 (Trapped)
Lilrb4a (Targeted)
Lim2 (Trapped)
Limk1 (Targeted)
Limk2 (Trapped)
Limk2 (Targeted)
Lingo1 (Targeted)
Lingo2 (Targeted)
Lingo3 (Targeted)
Lingo4 (Targeted)
Lipg (Targeted)
Liph (Trapped)
Lipk (Targeted)
Llgl2 (Trapped)
Lman1l (Targeted)
Lmbrd2 (Trapped)
Lmf1 (Trapped)
Lmln (Trapped)
Lmtk2 (Trapped)
Lnpep (Trapped)
Lnx1 (Targeted)
LOC386392 (Targeted)
Lonp1 (Targeted)
Lonp2 (Targeted)
Lonrf2 (Targeted)
Loxl1 (Trapped)
Loxl2 (Trapped)
Loxl3 (Targeted)
Loxl4 (Targeted)
Lpar1 (Trapped)
Lpar2 (Targeted)
Lpar3 (Targeted)
Lpar4 (Targeted)
Lpar5 - TF1842 (Targeted)
Lpar5 - TF1869 (Targeted)
Lpar6 (Targeted)
Lpcat2b (Targeted)
Lpcat3 (Trapped)
Lpcat4 (Targeted)
Lpo (Targeted)
Lrfn1 (Targeted)
Lrfn2 (Trapped)
Lrfn3 (Targeted)
Lrfn4 (Trapped)
Lrig2 (Trapped)
Lrig3 (Targeted)
Lrit3 (Targeted)
Lrp10 (Targeted)
Lrp1b (Targeted)
Lrp3 (Targeted)
Lrp4 (Trapped)
Lrp5 (Trapped)
Lrp6 (Trapped)
Lrrc14 (Targeted)
Lrrc14b (Targeted)
Lrrc15 (Trapped)
Lrrc2 (Trapped)
Lrrc20 (Targeted)
Lrrc4 (Targeted)
Lrrc4b (Targeted)
Lrrc4c (Targeted)
Lrrc59 (Trapped)
Lrrc8a (Targeted)
Lrrc8d (Trapped)
Lrrk2 (Targeted)
Lrrn1 (Targeted)
Lrrn2 (Targeted)
Lrrn3 (Targeted)
Lrrn4 (Trapped)
Lrrn4cl (Targeted)
Lrrtm1 (Targeted)
Lrrtm3 (Targeted)
Lrrtm4 (Targeted)
Lrtm1 (Targeted)
Lrtm2 (Trapped)
Lrwd1 (Trapped)
Lsamp (Targeted)
Lsr (Trapped)
Lst1 (Targeted)
Ltb4r1 (Targeted)
Ltbp1 (Trapped)
Luc7l (Trapped)
Lvrn (Targeted)
Ly6g5b (Targeted)
Ly6g5c (Targeted)
Ly6g6c (Targeted)
Ly6g6d (Trapped)
Ly6g6e (Trapped)
Ly6g6f (Targeted)
Ly6h (Targeted)
Ly75 (Targeted)
Ly9 (Targeted)
Lyg1 (Targeted)
Lynx1 (Trapped)
Lypd1 (Targeted)
Lypd2 (Targeted)
Lypd3 (Targeted)
Lypd4 (Targeted)
Lypd5 (Targeted)
Lypd6 (Targeted)
Lypd6b (Targeted)
Lypd8 (Targeted)
Lypla1 (Trapped)
Lyve1 (Targeted)
Lyzl1 (Targeted)
Lyzl6 (Targeted)
M6pr (Trapped)
Madcam1 (Trapped)
Magt1 (Trapped)
Mal (Targeted)
Mal2 (Targeted)
Mall (Trapped)
Malsu1 (Trapped)
Malt1 (Targeted)
Mamdc2 (Targeted)
Mamdc4 (Targeted)
Man1c1 (Targeted)
Man2a1 (Trapped)
Manbal (Trapped)
Manea (Trapped)
Manf (Trapped)
Mansc1 (Targeted)
Map2k1 (Trapped)
Map2k5 (Trapped)
Map3k11 (Targeted)
Map3k13 (Targeted)
Map3k2 (Trapped)
Map3k3 (Targeted)
Map3k4 (Targeted)
Map3k5 (Targeted)
Map3k6 (Targeted)
Map3k7 (Targeted)
Map3k8 (Targeted)
Map4k1 (Trapped)
Map4k2 (Trapped)
Map4k4 (Targeted)
Map4k5 (Trapped)
Mapk11 (Targeted)
Mapk12 (Targeted)
Mapk13 (Targeted)
Mapk14 (Targeted)
Mapk15 (Targeted)
Mapk4 (Trapped)
Mapk8 (Trapped)
Mapk8 (Targeted)
Mapk9 (Trapped)
Mapkap1 (Trapped)
Mapkapk2 (Targeted)
Mapkapk3 (Trapped)
Mapkapk3 (Targeted)
March5 (Trapped)
Marco (Targeted)
Mark1 (Targeted)
Mark3 (Trapped)
Mark4 (Targeted)
Mars (Trapped)
Masp2 (Trapped)
Mast1 (Targeted)
Mast3 (Targeted)
Mast4 (Targeted)
Mastl (Trapped)
Mat2a (Trapped)
Matk (Trapped)
Matn2 (Trapped)
Matn4 (Targeted)
Mbd3 (Trapped)
Mboat2 (Trapped)
Mboat7 (Targeted)
Mbtps1 (Trapped)
Mbtps2 (Trapped)
Mc1r (Targeted)
Mc2r (Targeted)
Mc3r (Targeted)
Mc4r (Targeted)
Mcam (Targeted)
Mcf2l (Trapped)
Mchr1 (Targeted)
Mcoln2 (Targeted)
Mcoln3 (Targeted)
Mdga1 (Targeted)
Mdga1 (Trapped)
Mdh2 (Trapped)
Mdk (Trapped)
Me2 (Trapped)
Me3 (Targeted)
Mecr (Targeted)
Megf10 (Targeted)
Megf11 (Targeted)
Megf6 (Targeted)
Megf8 (Targeted)
Megf9 (Targeted)
Melk (Trapped)
Mep1a (Targeted)
Mep1b (Targeted)
Mertk (Targeted)
Mesdc2 (Targeted)
Metap1d (Trapped)
Metap2 (Targeted)
Metrn (Targeted)
Metrnl (Targeted)
Mettl1 (Trapped)
Mettl17 (Trapped)
Mettl5 (Trapped)
Mettl6 (Trapped)
Mettl7a1 (Targeted)
Mettl7b (Targeted)
Mfap1a (Targeted)
Mfap2 (Targeted)
Mfap3 (Trapped)
Mfap3l (Targeted)
Mfap5 (Trapped)
Mfge8 (Trapped)
Mfi2 (Targeted)
Mfng (Targeted)
Mfrp (Targeted)
Mfsd10 (Trapped)
Mfsd11 (Trapped)
Mfsd12 (Trapped)
Mfsd13a (Trapped)
Mfsd14a (Trapped)
Mfsd14b (Targeted)
Mfsd2a (Targeted)
Mfsd5 (Targeted)
Mfsd6l (Targeted)
Mfsd7a (Targeted)
Mfsd7b (Targeted)
Mfsd7c (Trapped)
Mfsd8 (Trapped)
Mfsd9 (Targeted)
Mgam (Targeted)
Mgat4b (Trapped)
Mgat5b (Trapped)
Mgll (Trapped)
Mgmt (Trapped)
Mgst2 (Trapped)
Mia3 (Targeted)
Mical3 (Trapped)
Micu2 (Trapped)
Mink1 (Trapped)
Miox (Targeted)
Mip (Trapped)
Mknk1 (Targeted)
Mknk2 (Targeted)
Mlkl (Targeted)
Mlst8 (Targeted)
Mmp10 (Targeted)
Mmp11 (Trapped)
Mmp12 (Targeted)
Mmp13 (Targeted)
Mmp15 (Targeted)
Mmp17 (Targeted)
Mmp19 (Targeted)
Mmp21 (Targeted)
Mmp23 (Trapped)
Mmp24 (Targeted)
Mmp25 (Trapped)
Mmp27 (Targeted)
Mmp28 (Trapped)
Mmp8 (Targeted)
Mmp9 (Targeted)
Mmrn2 (Trapped)
Mog (Trapped)
Mok (Trapped)
Morf4l1 (Trapped)
Moxd1 (Targeted)
Mpdu1 (Trapped)
Mpp2 (Trapped)
Mppe1 (Trapped)
Mpst (Trapped)
Mpv17l2 (Targeted)
Mpzl1 (Trapped)
Mpzl2 (Targeted)
Mpzl3 (Trapped)
Mr1 (Targeted)
Mras (Trapped)
Mrc2 (Trapped)
Mrgpra2b (Targeted)
Mrgprd (Targeted)
Mrgprf (Targeted)
Mrgprg (Targeted)
Mrgprh (Targeted)
Mrgprx1 (Targeted)
Mrm2 (Trapped)
Mrps31 (Trapped)
Ms4a14 (Targeted)
Ms4a4b (Targeted)
Ms4a4c (Targeted)
Ms4a4d (Targeted)
Ms4a5 (Trapped)
Ms4a5 (Targeted)
Ms4a6b (Targeted)
Ms4a6c (Targeted)
Ms4a6d (Targeted)
Msmb (Trapped)
Msmo1 (Trapped)
Msra (Trapped)
Msrb1 (Trapped)
Mstn (Targeted)
Mta1 (Trapped)
Mtap (Targeted)
Mtch1 (Targeted)
Mtch2 (Trapped)
Mtfr1 (Trapped)
Mthfd1 (Trapped)
Mthfd1l (Trapped)
Mthfsd (Trapped)
Mtm1 (Trapped)
Mtmr1 (Targeted)
Mtmr14 (Trapped)
Mtmr3 (Trapped)
Mtmr7 (Targeted)
Mtnr1a (Targeted)
Mtnr1b (Targeted)
Mto1 (Trapped)
Mtor (Trapped)
Muc13 (Targeted)
Muc15 (Targeted)
Muc16 (Targeted)
Muc20 (Targeted)
Muc4 (Targeted)
Muc5ac (Targeted)
Mus81 (Targeted)
Mvd (Trapped)
Mxra7 (Targeted)
Mxra8 (Trapped)
Myadm (Targeted)
Mydgf (Targeted)
Myh9 (Trapped)
Mylk3 (Targeted)
Myo3b (Targeted)
Myof (Trapped)
Myom3 (Trapped)
Myzap (Trapped)
Naa11 (Targeted)
Naa20 (Trapped)
Naa30 (Trapped)
Naa40 (Trapped)
Naa50 (Trapped)
Naa60 (Trapped)
Naalad2 (Targeted)
Naaladl1 (Targeted)
Nadk (Trapped)
Nagk (Trapped)
Nagpa (Targeted)
Nalcn (Targeted)
Nampt (Trapped)
Nanp (Trapped)
Nans (Trapped)
Nap1l1 (Trapped)
Napepld (Trapped)
Napsa (Targeted)
Narfl (Trapped)
Nars (Trapped)
Nars2 (Trapped)
Nat9 (Targeted)
Nbeal2 (Targeted)
Ncam2 (Trapped)
Ncan (Targeted)
Ncoa1 (Trapped)
Ncoa2 (Trapped)
Ncr1 (Targeted)
Ncs1 (Targeted)
Ncstn (Targeted)
Ndc1 (Trapped)
Ndnf (Targeted)
Ndrg3 (Trapped)
Ndst2 (Targeted)
Ndst3 (Targeted)
Ndst4 (Targeted)
Nectin2 (Trapped)
Nectin3 (Trapped)
Nedd4 (Trapped)
Nek11 (Targeted)
Nek2 (Targeted)
Nek4 (Targeted)
Nek4 (Trapped)
Nek7 (Trapped)
Nek8 (Trapped)
Nek9 (Targeted)
Nell2 (Targeted)
Nenf (Trapped)
Neo1 (Trapped)
Neto2 (Targeted)
Nfasc (Trapped)
Nfatc2ip (Trapped)
Nfkbil1 (Trapped)
Nfs1 (Targeted)
Nfyc (Trapped)
Ngly1 (Targeted)
Ngp (Trapped)
Nhlrc2 (Trapped)
Nid1 (Trapped)
Ninj2 (Trapped)
Nipa2 (Targeted)
Nipsnap3a (Trapped)
Nisch (Targeted)
Nit1 (Targeted)
Nit2 (Targeted)
Nkain1 (Trapped)
Nkain4 (Trapped)
Nktr (Trapped)
Nlgn1 (Targeted)
Nlgn2 (Trapped)
Nlgn3 (Trapped)
Nln (Targeted)
Nmb (Targeted)
Nme1 (Trapped)
Nme2 (Trapped)
Nme3 (Trapped)
Nme4 (Trapped)
Nme5 (Targeted)
Nme6 (Trapped)
Nme7 (Trapped)
Nme8 (Targeted)
Nmnat1 (Trapped)
Nmnat2 (Trapped)
Nmrk1 (Targeted)
Nms (Targeted)
Nmt1 (Targeted)
Nmt1 (Trapped)
Nmt2 (Trapped)
Nmu (Targeted)
Nmur2 (Targeted)
Nnat (Targeted)
Nnmt (Targeted)
Nnt (Trapped)
Noct (Trapped)
Nos3 (Targeted)
Notch1 (Targeted)
Notch2 (Targeted)
Notch4 (Trapped)
Nov (Targeted)
Noxred1 (Trapped)
Npb (Targeted)
Npbwr1 (Targeted)
Npepl1 (Targeted)
Npff (Targeted)
Npffr2 (Targeted)
Npl (Trapped)
Npm1 (Trapped)
Npnt (Targeted)
Nppa (Targeted)
Npr2 (Targeted)
Nps (Targeted)
Npsr1 (Targeted)
Nptn (Trapped)
Nptx2 (Targeted)
Npvf (Targeted)
Npw (Targeted)
Npy2r (Targeted)
Npy4r (Targeted)
Npy6r (Targeted)
Nqo1 (Trapped)
Nr0b2 (Targeted)
Nr1h2 (Targeted)
Nr1h3 (Targeted)
Nr3c1 (Targeted)
Nr3c2 (Targeted)
Nr4a1 (Trapped)
Nr4a2 (Targeted)
Nr4a3 (Targeted)
Nr5a2 (Targeted)
Nradd (Trapped)
Nrbp1 (Targeted)
Nrbp2 (Targeted)
Nrd1 (Trapped)
Nrg1 (Targeted)
Nrg3 (Targeted)
Nrg4 (Trapped)
Nrn1l (Trapped)
Nrros (Targeted)
Nrxn2 (Trapped)
Nsfl1c (Trapped)
Nsmce2 (Trapped)
Nthl1 (Trapped)
Ntm (Targeted)
Ntmt1 (Trapped)
Ntn3 (Targeted)
Ntn4 (Targeted)
Ntn5 (Targeted)
Ntng1 (Targeted)
Ntng2 (Targeted)
Ntrk1 (Targeted)
Ntrk2 (Targeted)
Ntsr1 (Targeted)
Nuak1 (Targeted)
Nuak2 (Targeted)
Nucb1 (Targeted)
Nucb2 (Trapped)
Nudt12 (Trapped)
Nudt13 (Trapped)
Nudt19 (Trapped)
Nudt2 (Trapped)
Nudt22 (Trapped)
Nudt3 (Trapped)
Nudt5 (Trapped)
Nudt9 (Trapped)
Nus1 (Trapped)
Nxn (Trapped)
Nxpe2 (Targeted)
Nxph2 (Targeted)
Nxph3 (Targeted)
Nxph4 (Targeted)
Oaf (Targeted)
Oaz2 (Trapped)
Ociad2 (Targeted)
Ocln (Trapped)
Ogdhl (Trapped)
Ogfr (Targeted)
Oit1 (Targeted)
Oit3 (Targeted)
Ola1 (Trapped)
Olfm1 (Targeted)
Olfm2 (Targeted)
Olfm3 (Targeted)
Olfm4 (Targeted)
Olfm5 (Targeted)
Olfml1 (Targeted)
Olfml2a (Targeted)
Olfml2b (Targeted)
Olfml3 (Targeted)
Olfr11 (Targeted)
Olfr18 (Targeted)
Olfr220 (Targeted)
Olfr357 (Targeted)
Olfr437 (Targeted)
Olfr558 (Targeted)
Olfr657 (Targeted)
Olfr78 (Targeted)
Olfr985 (Targeted)
Olr1 (Targeted)
Oma1 (Targeted)
Omd (Targeted)
Opcml (Targeted)
Opn3 (Targeted)
Opn5 (Targeted)
Oprd1 (Trapped)
Oprm1 (Targeted)
Optc (Targeted)
Orai1 (Trapped)
Orc1 (Trapped)
Orm1 (Targeted)
Osbpl9 (Trapped)
Oscar (Targeted)
Osgep (Trapped)
Osgepl1 (Targeted)
Osgin2 (Targeted)
Osm (Targeted)
Ost4 (Targeted)
Ostm1 (Targeted)
Ostn (Targeted)
Otor (Targeted)
Otub1 (Trapped)
Otud1 (Targeted)
Otud6b (Targeted)
Ovca2 (Trapped)
Ovch2 (Targeted)
Ovgp1 (Targeted)
Oxnad1 (Trapped)
Oxsm (Trapped)
Oxsr1 (Trapped)
P2rx1 (Targeted)
P2rx4 (Targeted)
P2rx5 (Targeted)
P2rx6 (Targeted)
P2rx7 (Targeted)
P2ry1 (Targeted)
P2ry10 (Targeted)
P2ry12 (Targeted)
P2ry14 (Targeted)
P2ry2 (Targeted)
P2ry4 (Targeted)
P2ry6 (Targeted)
P3h1 (Trapped)
P4ha2 (Targeted)
P4ha3 (Trapped)
P4htm (Trapped)
Pacsin1 (Trapped)
Padi1 (Targeted)
Padi2 (Targeted)
Padi3 (Targeted)
Padi4 (Trapped)
Pafah1b2 (Trapped)
Pafah2 (Trapped)
Pak3 (Targeted)
Pak4 (Trapped)
Pak4 (Targeted)
Pak6 (Targeted)
Pak7 (Targeted)
Pamr1 (Targeted)
Pan3 (Trapped)
Pank1 (Trapped)
Pank3 (Trapped)
Papln (Targeted)
Papolg (Trapped)
Pappa (Targeted)
Pappa2 (Targeted)
Paqr7 (Trapped)
Paqr8 (Targeted)
Parg (Trapped)
Parl (Trapped)
Parm1 (Targeted)
Parn (Trapped)
Parp1 (Trapped)
Parp2 (Trapped)
Parp4 (Trapped)
Parp9 (Trapped)
Pars2 (Trapped)
Pask (Trapped)
Pate2 (Targeted)
Pbk (Trapped)
Pcdh1 (Targeted)
Pcdh10 (Targeted)
Pcdh12 (Targeted)
Pcdh17 (Targeted)
Pcdh19 (Targeted)
Pcdha3 (Targeted)
Pcdha4 (Targeted)
Pcdha7 (Targeted)
Pcdhb13 (Targeted)
Pcdhb16 (Targeted)
Pcdhb18 (Targeted)
Pcdhb2 (Targeted)
Pcdhb4 (Targeted)
Pcdhb6 (Targeted)
Pcdhb7 (Targeted)
Pcdhgc3 (Targeted)
Pcm1 (Trapped)
Pcmtd2 (Trapped)
Pcolce (Trapped)
Pcolce2 (Trapped)
Pcsk1n (Targeted)
Pcsk7 (Targeted)
Pcyt1a (Trapped)
Pdcd1lg2 (Targeted)
Pdcd1lg2 (Conditional)
Pddc1 (Trapped)
Pde10a (Targeted)
Pde11a (Targeted)
Pde12 (Targeted)
Pde1a (Targeted)
Pde1b (Targeted)
Pde1c (Targeted)
Pde2a (Targeted)
Pde3a (Targeted)
Pde3b (Trapped)
Pde4c (Targeted)
Pde5a (Targeted)
Pde6a (Targeted)
Pde6c (Targeted)
Pde7a (Targeted)
Pde8a (Trapped)
Pde9a (Targeted)
Pdgfc (Trapped)
Pdgfc (Targeted)
Pdgfd (Targeted)
Pdgfrb (Trapped)
Pdgfrl (Trapped)
Pdia2 (Targeted)
Pdia3 (Trapped)
Pdia4 (Targeted)
Pdia5 (Trapped)
Pdia6 (Trapped)
Pdik1l (Targeted)
Pdk1 (Trapped)
Pdk2 (Targeted)
Pdk3 (Targeted)
Pdk4 (Targeted)
Pdlim7 (Trapped)
Pdp2 (Targeted)
Pdpk1 - TF0536 (Trapped)
Pdpk1 - TF2573 (Trapped)
Pdpr (Targeted)
Pdss1 (Trapped)
Pdxk (Trapped)
Pdxp (Targeted)
Pdzd2 (Trapped)
Peak1 (Targeted)
Pecr (Trapped)
Peli1 (Targeted)
Pelp1 (Targeted)
Pemt (Trapped)
Pf4 (Targeted)
Pfas (Trapped)
Pfkfb3 (Targeted)
Pfkfb4 (Targeted)
Pfkl (Targeted)
Pgam5 (Trapped)
Pgap1 (Targeted)
Pgap3 (Targeted)
Pgc (Trapped)
Pglyrp1 (Targeted)
Pglyrp2 (Targeted)
Pglyrp4 (Targeted)
Pgr15l (Targeted)
Phb (Trapped)
Phkg1 (Trapped)
Phlpp2 (Targeted)
Phospho1 (Targeted)
Phyhipl (Targeted)
Phykpl (Trapped)
Pi15 (Targeted)
Pi16 (Trapped)
Pi4k2b (Trapped)
Pi4ka (Trapped)
Pi4kb (Targeted)
Pianp (Targeted)
Pias4 (Targeted)
Pif1 (Targeted)
Pigb (Trapped)
Pigf (Trapped)
Pigg (Trapped)
Pigk (Targeted)
Pigl (Trapped)
Pign (Trapped)
Pigo (Trapped)
Pigq (Trapped)
Pigt (Targeted)
Pigv (Trapped)
Pigw (Trapped)
Pik3c2a (Trapped)
Pik3c2b (Trapped)
Pik3c2g (Targeted)
Pik3c3 (Targeted)
Pik3cb (Trapped)
Pik3cd (Trapped)
Pik3ip1 (Trapped)
Pik3r4 (Targeted)
Pikfyve (Trapped)
Pim2 (Targeted)
Pim3 (Targeted)
Pin4 (Trapped)
Pink1 (Targeted)
Pinlyp (Targeted)
Pip (Targeted)
Pip4k2a (Targeted)
Pip4k2b (Trapped)
Pip4k2c (Targeted)
Pip5k1a (Trapped)
Pip5k1c (Targeted)
Pisd (Trapped)
Pkd1l1 (Targeted)
Pkd2l2 (Targeted)
Pkdrej (Targeted)
Pkhd1 (Targeted)
Pkhd1l1 (Targeted)
Pkmyt1 (Trapped)
Pkn1 (Targeted)
Pkn3 (Targeted)
Pknox1 (Trapped)
Pla1a (Trapped)
Pla2g10 (Trapped)
Pla2g12a (Targeted)
Pla2g15 (Targeted)
Pla2g2d (Targeted)
Pla2g2e (Trapped)
Pla2g3 (Targeted)
Pla2g4a (Targeted)
Pla2g5 (Trapped)
Pla2r1 (Targeted)
Plac8 (Targeted)
Plac9a (Trapped)
Plb1 (Trapped)
Plbd1 (Targeted)
Plbd2 (Trapped)
Plcb3 (Trapped)
Plcb4 (Trapped)
Plcd1 (Trapped)
Plcd3 (Trapped)
Plcd4 (Trapped)
Plcxd1 (Trapped)
Plcxd2 (Targeted)
Plcz1 (Targeted)
Pld4 (Targeted)
Pld5 (Targeted)
Plekha1 (Trapped)
Plekha6 (Trapped)
Plekhm1 (Trapped)
Plgrkt (Trapped)
Plin1 (Targeted)
Plin2 (Trapped)
Plk3 (Trapped)
Plk5 (Targeted)
Plod3 (Trapped)
Plpp1 (Trapped)
Plpp2 (Trapped)
Plpp3 (Trapped)
Plpp5 (Targeted)
Plpp7 (Targeted)
Plppr3 (Targeted)
Plscr1 (Targeted)
Plscr3 (Targeted)
Pltp (Trapped)
Plvap (Targeted)
Plxdc1 (Trapped)
Plxdc2 (Targeted)
Plxna2 (Targeted)
Plxna4 (Targeted)
Plxnb1 (Targeted)
Plxnb2 (Trapped)
Plxnb3 (Targeted)
Pm20d1 (Targeted)
Pmepa1 (Trapped)
Pmm1 (Trapped)
Pnck (Targeted)
Pnkd (Trapped)
Pnkd (Targeted)
Pnlip (Targeted)
Pnliprp1 (Targeted)
Pnpla3 (Trapped)
Pnpla7 (Targeted)
Pnpla8 (Trapped)
Podn (Targeted)
Pofut2 (Trapped)
Poglut1 (Trapped)
Pole (Trapped)
Pole2 (Trapped)
Polh (Trapped)
Poll (Trapped)
Polr3k (Trapped)
Polrmt (Trapped)
Pomgnt1 (Trapped)
Pomgnt1 (Targeted)
Pomk (Trapped)
Pomt1 (Trapped)
Pon3 (Targeted)
Por (Trapped)
Postn (Targeted)
Pp2d1 (Trapped)
Ppa1 (Trapped)
Ppa2 (Trapped)
Ppara (Targeted)
Ppard (Trapped)
Pparg (Targeted)
Ppat (Trapped)
Ppcdc (Trapped)
Ppib (Trapped)
Ppid (Trapped)
Ppie (Trapped)
Ppif (Targeted)
Ppih (Trapped)
Ppil1 (Trapped)
Ppil3 (Trapped)
Ppil4 (Targeted)
Ppm1f (Trapped)
Ppm1h (Targeted)
Ppm1j (Targeted)
Ppm1m (Trapped)
Ppme1 (Targeted)
Ppp1cb (Trapped)
Ppp1r1a (Trapped)
Ppp1r9a (Targeted)
Ppp2cb (Trapped)
Ppp3ca (Trapped)
Ppp3cb (Trapped)
Ppp4c (Trapped)
Ppp5c (Targeted)
Ppp6c (Trapped)
Ppwd1 (Targeted)
Ppy (Targeted)
Pqlc1 (Trapped)
Pradc1 (Trapped)
Praf2 (Trapped)
Prap1 (Targeted)
Prcp (Trapped)
Prdm16 (Trapped)
Prdm5 (Trapped)
Prdx1 (Targeted)
Prdx1 (Trapped)
Prdx2 (Trapped)
Prdx5 (Trapped)
Prdx6 (Trapped)
Prelp (Targeted)
Prepl (Trapped)
Prg3 (Targeted)
Prim1 (Trapped)
Prima1 (Targeted)
Prkacb (Trapped)
Prkag1 (Trapped)
Prkcd (Trapped)
Prkci - TF1247 (Trapped)
Prkci - TF2210 (Trapped)
Prkcz (Trapped)
Prkd1 (Targeted)
Prkd3 (Trapped)
Prkx (Targeted)
Prlhr (Targeted)
Prmt1 (Targeted)
Prmt2 (Targeted)
Prmt7 (Trapped)
Procr (Trapped)
Prok1 (Targeted)
Prok2 (Targeted)
Prokr1 (Targeted)
Prokr2 (Targeted)
Prom2 (Targeted)
Proz (Targeted)
Prpf4b (Trapped)
Prps1 (Trapped)
Prps2 (Targeted)
Prrg2 (Trapped)
Prrg4 (Trapped)
Prss16 (Trapped)
Prss21 (Targeted)
Prss22 (Targeted)
Prss23 (Targeted)
Prss27 (Targeted)
Prss30 (Targeted)
Prss33 (Targeted)
Prss35 (Trapped)
Prss35 (Targeted)
Prss36 (Trapped)
Prss37 (Targeted)
Prss38 (Targeted)
Prss41 (Targeted)
Prss42 (Targeted)
Prss45 (Targeted)
Prss46 (Trapped)
Prss47 (Targeted)
Prss48 (Targeted)
Prss50 (Trapped)
Prss53 (Targeted)
Prss54 (Targeted)
Prss57 (Targeted)
Prss58 (Targeted)
Prss8 (Trapped)
Prtg (Trapped)
Psat1 (Trapped)
Psen1 (Targeted)
Psen2 (Targeted)
Psenen (Targeted)
Pskh1 (Trapped)
Psma8 (Trapped)
Psmb5 (Trapped)
Psmd11 (Trapped)
Psmd14 (Trapped)
Psph (Trapped)
Pstk (Targeted)
Ptch2 (Trapped)
Ptdss1 (Trapped)
Ptgdr2 (Targeted)
Ptges (Trapped)
Ptgfrn (Trapped)
Ptgir (Targeted)
Ptgis (Trapped)
Ptgr2 (Trapped)
Pth2r (Targeted)
Ptk2 (Targeted)
Ptk6 (Targeted)
Ptk7 (Trapped)
Ptn (Targeted)
Ptov1 (Targeted)
Ptp4a2 (Trapped)
Ptp4a3 (Trapped)
Ptpdc1 (Targeted)
Ptpmt1 (Trapped)
Ptpn1 (Trapped)
Ptpn12 (Trapped)
Ptpn14 (Trapped)
Ptpn18 (Targeted)
Ptpn2 (Targeted)
Ptpn20 (Targeted)
Ptpn21 (Trapped)
Ptpn22 (Trapped)
Ptpn23 (Trapped)
Ptpn23 (Targeted)
Ptpn3 (Trapped)
Ptpn4 (Trapped)
Ptpn5 (Targeted)
Ptprb (Targeted)
Ptprc (Targeted)
Ptprg (Targeted)
Ptprj (Trapped)
Ptprm (Targeted)
Ptprn (Targeted)
Ptprn2 (Trapped)
Ptprt (Targeted)
Ptpru (Targeted)
Ptprv (Targeted)
Pus1 (Trapped)
Pus3 (Trapped)
Pxdn (Targeted)
Pxmp2 (Trapped)
Pxylp1 (Targeted)
Pycr1 (Trapped)
Pygb (Targeted)
Pygl (Targeted)
Pyy (Targeted)
Pzp (Targeted)
Qdpr (Targeted)
Qpct (Trapped)
Qprt (Trapped)
Qrfp (Targeted)
Qrfpr (Targeted)
Qrsl1 (Trapped)
Qtrt1 (Trapped)
R3hdml (Trapped)
Rab14 (Trapped)
Rab1b (Trapped)
Rab27a (Trapped)
Rab30 (Trapped)
Rab34 (Trapped)
Rab37 (Targeted)
Rab3d (Trapped)
Rab42 (Trapped)
Rab5b (Trapped)
Rab6b (Trapped)
Rabep1 (Trapped)
Rabggtb (Targeted)
Rad1 (Trapped)
Rad51ap1 (Trapped)
Rad51c (Trapped)
Rad54l - TF0640 (Trapped)
Rad54l - TF2297 (Trapped)
Rad54l2 (Trapped)
Raf1 (Trapped)
Ralbp1 (Trapped)
Ramp1 (Targeted)
Ranbp2 (Trapped)
Rap1gds1 (Trapped)
Rarg (Trapped)
Rars2 (Trapped)
Rasd1 (Targeted)
Rasgrp2 (Trapped)
Rassf4 (Targeted)
Rbks (Trapped)
Rbp7 (Targeted)
Rbx1 (Trapped)
Rcan2 (Targeted)
Rchy1 (Trapped)
Rcl1 (Trapped)
Rcsd1 (Targeted)
Rdh13 (Targeted)
Rdh14 (Targeted)
Recql (Trapped)
Recql5 (Trapped)
Reep5 (Trapped)
Reg2 (Targeted)
Reg3a (Targeted)
Reg3b (Targeted)
Reg3g (Targeted)
Reg4 (Targeted)
Relt (Targeted)
Resp18 (Targeted)
Retn (Targeted)
Retnla (Targeted)
Retnlb (Targeted)
Retsat (Targeted)
Rexo2 (Trapped)
Rfc1 (Trapped)
Rffl (Trapped)
Rftn1 (Targeted)
Rgmb (Targeted)
Rgs1 (Targeted)
Rgs10 (Trapped)
Rgs11 (Targeted)
Rgs12 (Targeted)
Rgs13 (Targeted)
Rgs14 (Targeted)
Rgs2 (Targeted)
Rgs20 (Targeted)
Rgs4 (Targeted)
Rgs6 (Targeted)
Rgs7 (Targeted)
Rhbdf1 (Targeted)
Rhbdf2 (Trapped)
Rhbdl2 (Targeted)
Rhbdl3 (Targeted)
Rhbg (Trapped)
Rhcg (Targeted)
Rhoc (Trapped)
Ric3 (Targeted)
Rilpl2 (Targeted)
Rimbp2 (Targeted)
Riok1 (Targeted)
Riok2 (Trapped)
Riok3 (Trapped)
Rlbp1 (Targeted)
Rln3 (Targeted)
Rmdn3 (Trapped)
Rmnd5b (Trapped)
Rnase6 (Targeted)
Rnaseh1 (Trapped)
Rnaseh2a (Trapped)
Rnasek (Trapped)
Rnd3 (Trapped)
Rnf128 (Trapped)
Rnf130 (Trapped)
Rnf145 (Trapped)
Rnf148 (Targeted)
Rnf149 (Trapped)
Rnf167 (Trapped)
Rnf170 (Trapped)
Rnf19a (Trapped)
Rnf20 (Trapped)
Rnf207 (Targeted)
Rnf32 (Targeted)
Rnf5 (Trapped)
Rnf7 (Trapped)
Rngtt (Trapped)
Rnmt (Trapped)
Rnpepl1 (Targeted)
Robo1 (Trapped)
Robo4 (Targeted)
Rock1 (Targeted)
Rock2 (Trapped)
Rora (Targeted)
Rorb (Targeted)
Rpl22 (Trapped)
Rprm (Targeted)
Rps6ka2 (Trapped)
Rps6ka4 (Targeted)
Rps6ka5 (Trapped)
Rps6ka6 (Targeted)
Rps6kb1 (Trapped)
Rps6kb2 (Targeted)
Rps6kc1 (Targeted)
Rps6kl1 (Targeted)
Rptor (Targeted)
Rpusd3 (Trapped)
Rras (Trapped)
Rras2 (Trapped)
Rrm2b (Trapped)
Rspo1 (Targeted)
Rspo2 (Targeted)
Rspo3 (Targeted)
Rspo4 (Targeted)
Rspry1 (Targeted)
Rtbdn (Trapped)
Rtn2 (Targeted)
Rtn4 (Trapped)
Rtn4ip1 (Targeted)
Rtn4r (Targeted)
Rtn4rl1 (Trapped)
Rtn4rl2 (Targeted)
Rtp4 (Targeted)
Ruvbl1 (Trapped)
Ruvbl2 (Trapped)
Rxfp1 (Targeted)
Rxfp2 (Targeted)
Rxfp3 (Targeted)
Rxfp4 (Targeted)
Rxra (Trapped)
S100a1 (Trapped)
S1pr2 (Targeted)
S1pr3 (Targeted)
S1pr4 (Targeted)
S1pr5 (Targeted)
Saa1 (Targeted)
Saa4 (Targeted)
Sacm1l (Targeted)
Sae1 (Trapped)
Sars (Trapped)
Sbk2 (Targeted)
Sbk3 (Targeted)
Sbsn (Targeted)
Sbspon (Targeted)
Scamp3 (Trapped)
Scamp4 (Trapped)
Scamp5 (Trapped)
Scap (Trapped)
Scara5 (Targeted)
Scarb1 (Targeted)
Scarb2 (Trapped)
Scarf1 (Targeted)
Scarf2 (Targeted)
Scd1 (Trapped)
Scd2 (Targeted)
Scd3 (Targeted)
Scg3 (Targeted)
Scgb1c1 (Targeted)
Scgb3a1 (Targeted)
Scgb3a2 (Targeted)
Scimp (Targeted)
Scn10a (Targeted)
Scn2a1 (Targeted)
Scn3a (Targeted)
Scn3a (Trapped)
Scn3b (Targeted)
Scn4a (Targeted)
Scn5a (Targeted)
Scn9a (Targeted)
Scnn1b (Targeted)
Scpep1 (Trapped)
Scpep1 (Targeted)
Scrg1 (Targeted)
Sct (Targeted)
Sctr (Targeted)
Scube1 (Targeted)
Scube2 (Targeted)
Scube3 (Targeted)
Scye1 (Trapped)
Scyl1 (Targeted)
Scyl2 (Targeted)
Scyl3 (Trapped)
Sdc2 (Targeted)
Sdf2 (Trapped)
Sdk1 (Targeted)
Sdk2 (Targeted)
Sdr9c7 (Targeted)
Sec11a (Trapped)
Sec11c (Targeted)
Sec13 (Trapped)
Sec14l3 (Trapped)
Sec61a2 (Trapped)
Sel1l (Targeted)
Sel1l2 (Targeted)
Selk (Trapped)
Selt (Trapped)
Sema3b (Targeted)
Sema3c (Targeted)
Sema3d (Targeted)
Sema3e (Trapped)
Sema3f (Trapped)
Sema3g (Targeted)
Sema4a - TF2307 (Trapped)
Sema4a - TF3712 (Trapped)
Sema4b - TF0711 (Trapped)
Sema4b - TF3693 (Trapped)
Sema4c (Targeted)
Sema4d (Trapped)
Sema4f (Targeted)
Sema4g (Trapped)
Sema5b (Trapped)
Sema6b (Targeted)
Sema6c (Trapped)
Sema6d (Targeted)
Sema7a (Targeted)
Senp1 (Trapped)
Senp2 (Trapped)
Senp5 (Trapped)
Senp6 (Trapped)
Sep15 (Trapped)
Sephs1 (Trapped)
Serinc1 (Trapped)
Serinc3 (Trapped)
Serinc5 (Trapped)
Serpina10 (Targeted)
Serpina9 (Targeted)
Serpinb12 (Targeted)
Serpinb3a (Targeted)
Serpinb6a (Trapped)
Serpinc1 (Trapped)
Serpine2 (Trapped)
Serpinf1 (Targeted)
Serping1 (Trapped)
Serpini1 (Trapped)
Serpini2 (Targeted)
Setd3 (Trapped)
Sez6 (Trapped)
Sez6l (Targeted)
Sez6l2 (Targeted)
Sfrp1 (Targeted)
Sfrp2 (Trapped)
Sfrp4 (Targeted)
Sfrp5 (Targeted)
Sfta2 (Targeted)
Sfxn1 (Trapped)
Sfxn3 (Targeted)
Sfxn5 (Trapped)
Sgcz (Targeted)
Sgk2 (Targeted)
Sgk3 (Trapped)
Sgpp1 (Targeted)
Sh2d3c (Targeted)
Sh3pxd2a (Trapped)
Sh3pxd2b (Trapped)
Shc1 (Targeted)
Shisa2 (Targeted)
Shisa3 (Targeted)
Shisa4 (Targeted)
Shisa9 (Targeted)
Shmt1 (Trapped)
Shmt2 (Trapped)
Siah2 (Trapped)
Sidt2 (Targeted)
Sigirr (Trapped)
Sigirr (Targeted)
Siglec1 (Targeted)
Siglece (Targeted)
Siglecf (Targeted)
Siglecg (Targeted)
Sigmar1 (Trapped)
Sik1 (Targeted)
Sik2 (Targeted)
Sik3 (Targeted)
Sirt1 (Trapped)
Sirt2 (Trapped)
Sirt3 (Trapped)
Sirt4 (Trapped)
Sirt5 (Trapped)
Skap2 (Trapped)
Slamf6 (Targeted)
Slamf7 - TF2085 (Targeted)
Slamf7 - TF3590 (Targeted)
Slamf8 (Targeted)
Slamf9 (Targeted)
Slc10a1 (Targeted)
Slc10a3 (Targeted)
Slc10a4 (Targeted)
Slc10a5 (Targeted)
Slc10a6 (Targeted)
Slc10a7 (Trapped)
Slc11a2 (Trapped)
Slc12a4 (Trapped)
Slc12a6 (Trapped)
Slc12a7 (Trapped)
Slc12a8 (Trapped)
Slc13a2 (Trapped)
Slc13a3 (Targeted)
Slc13a4 (Trapped)
Slc14a2 (Targeted)
Slc15a1 (Targeted)
Slc15a2 (Targeted)
Slc15a3 (Targeted)
Slc16a10 (Targeted)
Slc16a12 (Targeted)
Slc16a13 (Targeted)
Slc16a14 (Targeted)
Slc16a2 (Targeted)
Slc16a3 (Targeted)
Slc16a5 (Targeted)
Slc16a6 (Trapped)
Slc16a7 (Targeted)
Slc16a8 (Targeted)
Slc16a9 (Targeted)
Slc17a1 (Targeted)
Slc17a2 (Targeted)
Slc17a3 (Targeted)
Slc17a5 (Targeted)
Slc17a6 (Targeted)
Slc17a7 (Targeted)
Slc17a8 (Targeted)
Slc17a9 (Targeted)
Slc17a9 (Trapped)
Slc18a1 (Targeted)
Slc18a3 (Targeted)
Slc18b1 (Trapped)
Slc19a3 (Targeted)
Slc1a3 (Trapped)
Slc1a4 (Targeted)
Slc1a5 (Targeted)
Slc1a6 (Targeted)
Slc20a1 (Targeted)
Slc20a2 (Targeted)
Slc22a12 (Targeted)
Slc22a13 (Targeted)
Slc22a14 (Targeted)
Slc22a15 (Targeted)
Slc22a16 (Targeted)
Slc22a18 (Targeted)
Slc22a19 (Targeted)
Slc22a20 (Targeted)
Slc22a4 (Targeted)
Slc22a6 (Targeted)
Slc22a7 (Targeted)
Slc23a3 (Targeted)
Slc24a1 (Targeted)
Slc24a2 (Targeted)
Slc24a3 (Targeted)
Slc24a4 (Targeted)
Slc24a5 (Targeted)
Slc25a1 (Targeted)
Slc25a10 (Trapped)
Slc25a11 (Targeted)
Slc25a12 (Trapped)
Slc25a14 (Targeted)
Slc25a17 (Trapped)
Slc25a2 (Targeted)
Slc25a22 (Targeted)
Slc25a23 (Targeted)
Slc25a24 (Targeted)
Slc25a25 (Targeted)
Slc25a28 (Trapped)
Slc25a29 (Targeted)
Slc25a3 (Trapped)
Slc25a30 (Targeted)
Slc25a31 (Targeted)
Slc25a36 (Trapped)
Slc25a38 (Trapped)
Slc25a39 (Trapped)
Slc25a40 (Trapped)
Slc25a42 (Trapped)
Slc25a43 (Trapped)
Slc25a47 (Targeted)
Slc26a1 (Targeted)
Slc26a11 (Trapped)
Slc26a6 (Targeted)
Slc26a7 (Targeted)
Slc26a8 (Targeted)
Slc26a9 (Trapped)
Slc27a4 (Trapped)
Slc27a5 (Targeted)
Slc27a6 (Targeted)
Slc28a1 (Trapped)
Slc28a2 (Targeted)
Slc28a3 (Targeted)
Slc29a1 (Trapped)
Slc29a2 (Trapped)
Slc29a3 (Targeted)
Slc29a4 (Targeted)
Slc2a1 (Trapped)
Slc2a10 (Targeted)
Slc2a12 (Targeted)
Slc2a13 (Targeted)
Slc2a3 (Targeted)
Slc2a5 (Trapped)
Slc2a6 (Targeted)
Slc2a7 (Targeted)
Slc2a8 (Targeted)
Slc30a10 (Targeted)
Slc30a2 (Trapped)
Slc30a5 (Targeted)
Slc30a7 (Targeted)
Slc30a8 (Targeted)
Slc30a9 (Targeted)
Slc31a1 (Trapped)
Slc31a2 (Targeted)
Slc32a1 (Targeted)
Slc35a1 (Trapped)
Slc35a4 (Targeted)
Slc35a5 (Trapped)
Slc35b1 (Trapped)
Slc35b2 (Trapped)
Slc35b3 (Trapped)
Slc35b4 (Trapped)
Slc35e1 (Targeted)
Slc35e2 (Trapped)
Slc35e3 (Targeted)
Slc35f1 (Targeted)
Slc35f2 (Trapped)
Slc35f3 (Targeted)
Slc35f4 (Targeted)
Slc35f5 (Targeted)
Slc35g1 (Targeted)
Slc36a1 (Targeted)
Slc36a2 (Targeted)
Slc36a3 (Trapped)
Slc36a4 (Targeted)
Slc37a1 (Trapped)
Slc37a2 (Targeted)
Slc37a3 (Trapped)
Slc38a1 (Trapped)
Slc38a10 (Trapped)
Slc38a11 (Targeted)
Slc38a2 (Trapped)
Slc38a4 (Targeted)
Slc38a5 (Targeted)
Slc38a7 (Trapped)
Slc38a8 (Trapped)
Slc38a9 (Trapped)
Slc39a10 (Trapped)
Slc39a11 (Trapped)
Slc39a12 (Targeted)
Slc39a13 (Trapped)
Slc39a14 (Targeted)
Slc39a2 (Targeted)
Slc39a3 (Targeted)
Slc39a5 (Targeted)
Slc39a6 (Trapped)
Slc39a6 (Targeted)
Slc39a7 (Trapped)
Slc39a8 (Targeted)
Slc39a9 (Trapped)
Slc3a2 (Trapped)
Slc41a3 (Targeted)
Slc43a1 (Trapped)
Slc43a2 (Trapped)
Slc44a2 (Trapped)
Slc44a3 (Trapped)
Slc44a3 (Targeted)
Slc44a4 (Targeted)
Slc45a3 (Targeted)
Slc45a4 (Targeted)
Slc46a1 (Targeted)
Slc46a2 (Targeted)
Slc4a2 (Trapped)
Slc4a3 (Trapped)
Slc4a3 (Targeted)
Slc4a5 (Trapped)
Slc4a8 (Trapped)
Slc4a9 (Targeted)
Slc50a1 (Trapped)
Slc51a (Trapped)
Slc52a2 (Trapped)
Slc5a1 (Trapped)
Slc5a10 (Targeted)
Slc5a11 (Trapped)
Slc5a12 (Targeted)
Slc5a2 (Targeted)
Slc5a3 (Targeted)
Slc5a4a (Targeted)
Slc5a6 (Targeted)
Slc5a8 (Targeted)
Slc5a9 (Targeted)
Slc6a12 (Targeted)
Slc6a13 (Targeted)
Slc6a14 (Targeted)
Slc6a15 (Targeted)
Slc6a16 (Trapped)
Slc6a17 (Targeted)
Slc6a18 (Targeted)
Slc6a19 (Targeted)
Slc6a20a (Targeted)
Slc6a20b (Targeted)
Slc6a4 (Trapped)
Slc6a6 (Trapped)
Slc6a9 (Targeted)
Slc7a1 (Trapped)
Slc7a13 (Targeted)
Slc7a14 (Targeted)
Slc7a3 (Targeted)
Slc7a4 (Targeted)
Slc7a5 (Targeted)
Slc7a6 (Trapped)
Slc7a7 (Trapped)
Slc7a8 (Targeted)
Slc8b1 (Trapped)
Slc9a1 (Trapped)
Slc9a3r2 (Trapped)
Slc9a4 (Targeted)
Slc9a5 (Targeted)
Slc9a6 (Targeted)
Slc9a7 (Targeted)
Slc9a8 (Trapped)
Slc9b1 (Trapped)
Slc9b2 (Trapped)
Slco1a1 (Targeted)
Slco1a5 (Targeted)
Slco1a6 (Targeted)
Slco1b2 (Targeted)
Slco2a1 (Targeted)
Slco2b1 (Targeted)
Slco3a1 (Targeted)
Slco4a1 (Targeted)
Slco4c1 (Targeted)
Slco5a1 (Targeted)
Slit3 (Trapped)
Slitrk1 (Targeted)
Slitrk5 (Targeted)
Slk (Trapped)
Slurp1 (Targeted)
Slurp2 (Targeted)
Smad9 (Targeted)
Smarcad1 (Targeted)
Smc2 (Targeted)
Smc3 (Trapped)
Smdt1 (Trapped)
Smim14 (Trapped)
Smim3 (Trapped)
Smoc1 (Targeted)
Smoc2 (Targeted)
Smox (Targeted)
Smpd2 (Targeted)
Smpd3 (Targeted)
Smpdl3a (Targeted)
Smpdl3b (Trapped)
Smug1 (Trapped)
Smurf1 (Trapped)
Smurf2 (Trapped)
Snd1 (Trapped)
Sned1 (Targeted)
Snrk (Targeted)
Sntb2 (Trapped)
Snw1 (Targeted)
Snx20 (Targeted)
Soat2 (Trapped)
Sorcs2 (Trapped)
Sorl1 (Trapped)
Sort1 (Trapped)
Sost (Targeted)
Sostdc1 (Targeted)
Spaca4 (Targeted)
Spaca5 (Targeted)
Spag11a (Targeted)
Sparc (Trapped)
Speg (Targeted)
Sphk1 (Targeted)
Spink1 (Targeted)
Spink14 (Targeted)
Spink4 (Targeted)
Spink6 (Targeted)
Spink7 (Targeted)
Spint1 (Trapped)
Spns1 (Trapped)
Spns3 (Trapped)
Spock1 (Targeted)
Spock2 (Targeted)
Spock3 (Targeted)
Spon1 (Targeted)
Spon2 (Targeted)
Spp1 (Trapped)
Spp2 (Targeted)
Sppl2b (Targeted)
Sppl2c (Targeted)
Sppl3 (Trapped)
Spr (Targeted)
Spsb1 (Trapped)
Spsb3 (Targeted)
Sptlc1 (Trapped)
Sptlc2 (Trapped)
Src (Trapped)
Srd5a3 (Trapped)
Srgap3 (Trapped)
Srgn (Trapped)
Srpk1 (Trapped)
Srpk2 (Trapped)
Srpk3 (Targeted)
Srprb (Trapped)
Srpx2 (Targeted)
Srr (Trapped)
Srsf9 (Trapped)
Ssc4d (Targeted)
Ssh1 (Trapped)
Ssh2 (Trapped)
Ssh3 (Targeted)
Sspo (Targeted)
Sstr3 (Targeted)
Sstr4 (Targeted)
Sstr5 (Targeted)
St3gal2 (Trapped)
St3gal3 (Trapped)
St3gal5 (Trapped)
St6galnac3 (Trapped)
St6galnac4 (Trapped)
St6galnac6 (Trapped)
Stab2 (Targeted)
Stard3nl (Targeted)
Stc1 (Targeted)
Stc2 (Targeted)
Steap1 (Targeted)
Steap2 (Targeted)
Steap3 (Trapped)
Stim1 (Targeted)
Stim2 (Trapped)
Stk11ip (Targeted)
Stk16 (Trapped)
Stk17b (Trapped)
Stk19 (Targeted)
Stk25 (Targeted)
Stk26 (Targeted)
Stk3 (Targeted)
Stk31 (Targeted)
Stk32a (Trapped)
Stk32b (Targeted)
Stk32c (Targeted)
Stk33 (Targeted)
Stk35 (Targeted)
Stk36 (Targeted)
Stk38 (Targeted)
Stk38l (Trapped)
Stk39 (Targeted)
Stk4 (Targeted)
Stk40 (Trapped)
Stkld1 (Targeted)
Stmn3 (Trapped)
Stoml1 (Trapped)
Stra6 (Trapped)
Strada (Trapped)
Stradb (Targeted)
Stt3b (Trapped)
Stub1 (Targeted)
Stx1a (Trapped)
Stx1b (Trapped)
Stx2 (Trapped)
Stx4a (Trapped)
Stx5a (Trapped)
Styk1 (Targeted)
Styx (Trapped)
Sucla2 (Trapped)
Suclg1 (Trapped)
Suclg2 (Trapped)
Sucnr1 (Targeted)
Sulf1 (Trapped)
Sulf2 (Trapped)
Sult1c2 (Targeted)
Sult5a1 (Trapped)
Sumf1 (Targeted)
Sumf2 (Trapped)
Supt16 (Trapped)
Supv3l1 (Trapped)
Susd1 - TF2588 (Targeted)
Susd1 - TF3381 (Targeted)
Susd2 (Trapped)
Susd3 (Targeted)
Susd4 (Targeted)
Svep1 (Targeted)
Svop (Targeted)
Svopl (Targeted)
Syngr1 (Trapped)
Synpr (Targeted)
Sypl (Trapped)
Sypl2 (Targeted)
Syt12 (Targeted)
Syt14 (Trapped)
Syt2 (Targeted)
Syt3 (Targeted)
Syt5 (Targeted)
Taar1 (Targeted)
Taar3 (Targeted)
Taar5 (Targeted)
Taar6 (Targeted)
Taar8c (Targeted)
Taar9 (Targeted)
Tac2 (Trapped)
Tac2 (Targeted)
Tac4 (Trapped)
Tacr1 (Targeted)
Tacr2 (Targeted)
Tacr3 (Targeted)
Taok1 (Trapped)
Taok2 (Targeted)
Taok3 (Trapped)
Tapbpl (Targeted)
Tars2 (Trapped)
Tas1r1 (Targeted)
Tas1r3 (Targeted)
Tas2r119 (Targeted)
Tasp1 (Targeted)
Tatdn1 (Trapped)
Tatdn2 (Trapped)
Tatdn3 (Trapped)
Tbc1d25 (Trapped)
Tbc1d4 (Targeted)
Tbck (Trapped)
Tbk1 (Targeted)
Tbl2 (Targeted)
Tbx10 (Targeted)
Tctex1d4 (Trapped)
Tctn1 (Targeted)
Tctn3 (Targeted)
Tdg (Trapped)
Tdgf1 (Trapped)
Tdh (Trapped)
Tdo2 (Targeted)
Tdp1 (Trapped)
Tecr (Trapped)
Tekt2 (Trapped)
Tenm3 (Trapped)
Tenm4 (Trapped)
Tesk1 (Targeted)
Tesk2 (Trapped)
Tex264 (Trapped)
Tex29 (Targeted)
Tex30 (Trapped)
TF0851 (Targeted)
TF1121 (Targeted)
TF1567 (Targeted)
TF1784 (Trapped)
TF2557 (Targeted)
Tfg (Trapped)
Tfpi (Trapped)
Tfpi2 (Targeted)
Tfr2 (Targeted)
Tfrc (Trapped)
Tgds (Trapped)
Tgfbr1 (Trapped)
Tgm3 (Trapped)
Thbs3 (Targeted)
Thbs4 (Targeted)
Thg1l (Trapped)
Thop1 (Targeted)
Thsd1 (Targeted)
Thsd4 (Targeted)
Thsd7b (Targeted)
Tigar (Trapped)
Timm22 (Targeted)
Timmdc1 (Trapped)
Timp1 (Trapped)
Timp2 (Trapped)
Timp4 (Targeted)
Tinag (Targeted)
Tinagl1 (Targeted)
Tk1 (Trapped)
Tkfc (Trapped)
Tkt (Targeted)
Tktl1 (Targeted)
Tktl2 (Targeted)
Tle4 (Trapped)
Tlk1 (Trapped)
Tlk2 (Trapped)
Tll2 (Targeted)
Tlr3 (Trapped)
Tlr3 (Targeted)
Tlr5 (Targeted)
Tlr8 (Targeted)
Tlr9 (Targeted)
Tm2d1 (Targeted)
Tm4sf20 (Targeted)
Tm7sf3 (Trapped)
Tm9sf1 (Targeted)
Tm9sf3 (Targeted)
Tm9sf4 (Trapped)
Tmbim6 (Trapped)
Tmc2 (Targeted)
Tmcc3 (Targeted)
Tmco1 (Targeted)
Tmco3 (Targeted)
Tmed1 (Trapped)
Tmed10 (Trapped)
Tmeff1 (Trapped)
Tmeff2 (Targeted)
Tmem101 (Trapped)
Tmem104 (Targeted)
Tmem107 (Targeted)
Tmem108 (Targeted)
Tmem114 (Targeted)
Tmem117 (Targeted)
Tmem119 (Targeted)
Tmem123 (Targeted)
Tmem130 (Targeted)
Tmem132c (Targeted)
Tmem139 (Targeted)
Tmem14c (Trapped)
Tmem150a (Trapped)
Tmem156 (Targeted)
Tmem161a (Trapped)
Tmem161b (Trapped)
Tmem167 (Trapped)
Tmem168 (Trapped)
Tmem170 (Trapped)
Tmem178 (Targeted)
Tmem179b (Trapped)
Tmem184b (Trapped)
Tmem185b (Trapped)
Tmem19 (Trapped)
Tmem192 (Trapped)
Tmem198b (Targeted)
Tmem2 (Trapped)
Tmem201 (Targeted)
Tmem204 (Targeted)
Tmem218 (Trapped)
Tmem222 (Trapped)
Tmem230 (Trapped)
Tmem231 (Trapped)
Tmem234 (Targeted)
Tmem238 (Targeted)
Tmem241 (Trapped)
Tmem245 (Trapped)
Tmem248 (Trapped)
Tmem25 (Targeted)
Tmem27 (Targeted)
Tmem38b (Trapped)
Tmem39a (Trapped)
Tmem41a (Trapped)
Tmem41b (Trapped)
Tmem43 (Trapped)
Tmem5 (Trapped)
Tmem50a (Targeted)
Tmem50b (Trapped)
Tmem52 (Targeted)
Tmem59 (Trapped)
Tmem60 (Trapped)
Tmem63a (Trapped)
Tmem63b (Trapped)
Tmem64 (Trapped)
Tmem79 (Trapped)
Tmem8 (Trapped)
Tmem81 (Targeted)
Tmem8b (Targeted)
Tmem98 (Targeted)
Tmigd1 (Trapped)
Tmprss11c (Targeted)
Tmprss12 (Trapped)
Tmprss2 (Targeted)
Tmprss3 (Targeted)
Tmprss4 (Targeted)
Tmprss5 (Targeted)
Tmprss6 (Targeted)
Tmprss7 (Targeted)
Tmsb10 (Trapped)
Tmsb15a (Targeted)
Tmsb4x (Trapped)
Tmub1 (Targeted)
Tmub2 (Trapped)
Tmub2 (Targeted)
Tmx1 (Targeted)
Tmx2 (Trapped)
Tnfaip1 (Trapped)
Tnfaip6 (Targeted)
Tnfrsf19 (Trapped)
Tnfrsf21 (Trapped)
Tnfrsf22 (Trapped)
Tnfrsf23 (Targeted)
Tnfrsf25 (Targeted)
Tnfrsf9 (Targeted)
Tnfsf12 (Trapped)
Tnfsf13 (Trapped)
Tnfsf13b (Targeted)
Tnfsf15 (Targeted)
Tnk1 (Targeted)
Tnk2 (Targeted)
Tnmd (Targeted)
Tnn (Targeted)
Tnni3k (Targeted)
Tns3 (Trapped)
Toe1 (Trapped)
Tomm5 (Trapped)
Tomt (Targeted)
Top3b (Trapped)
Topors (Trapped)
Tor1aip1 (Trapped)
Tpbg (Targeted)
Tpcn1 (Trapped)
Tpcn2 (Targeted)
Tph1 (Targeted)
Tph2 (Targeted)
Tpmt (Trapped)
Tpra1 (Trapped)
Tpsab1 (Targeted)
Tpsb2 (Targeted)
Tpst1 (Trapped)
Tpst2 (Trapped)
Tpt1 (Trapped)
Tpte (Targeted)
Trabd (Trapped)
Trdmt1 (Trapped)
Treml1 (Targeted)
Treml2 (Targeted)
Trex1 (Trapped)
Trhde (Targeted)
Trhr (Targeted)
Trhr2 (Targeted)
Trib2 (Targeted)
Trib3 (Trapped)
Trim25 (Trapped)
Trim27 (Trapped)
Trim31 (Trapped)
Trim34a (Trapped)
Trim59 (Trapped)
Trim62 (Targeted)
Trim72 (Trapped)
Trip12 (Trapped)
Trmt1 (Trapped)
Trmt10a (Trapped)
Trmt11 (Targeted)
Trmt2b (Trapped)
Trmu (Trapped)
Trp53bp1 (Trapped)
Trp53rkb (Trapped)
Trpa1 (Targeted)
Trpc1 (Targeted)
Trpc2 (Trapped)
Trpc3 (Targeted)
Trpc4 (Targeted)
Trpc5 (Targeted)
Trpc6 (Targeted)
Trpm1 (Targeted)
Trpm2 (Targeted)
Trpm3 (Targeted)
Trpm4 (Targeted)
Trpm6 (Targeted)
Trpm8 (Targeted)
Trpv2 (Trapped)
Trpv3 (Targeted)
Trpv4 (Targeted)
Trpv5 (Targeted)
Trpv6 (Targeted)
Trub1 (Trapped)
Tsacc (Trapped)
Tsc22d1 (Trapped)
Tsen34 (Trapped)
Tsku (Targeted)
Tslp (Targeted)
Tsn (Trapped)
Tspan1 (Trapped)
Tspan12 (Targeted)
Tspan13 (Trapped)
Tspan14 (Trapped)
Tspan15 (Trapped)
Tspan17 (Targeted)
Tspan18 (Targeted)
Tspan3 (Trapped)
Tspan31 (Trapped)
Tspan32 (Trapped)
Tspan33 (Targeted)
Tspan4 (Trapped)
Tspan5 (Trapped)
Tspan6 (Targeted)
Tspan8 (Targeted)
Tspan9 (Trapped)
Tspo (Trapped)
Tssk1 (Targeted)
Tssk3 (Targeted)
Tssk4 (Targeted)
Tssk6 (Targeted)
Tsta3 (Trapped)
Ttbk2 (Trapped)
Ttk (Trapped)
Ttll1 (Trapped)
Ttll13 (Trapped)
Ttll3 (Trapped)
Ttll5 (Trapped)
Ttll6 (Trapped)
Ttll8 (Targeted)
Ttyh1 (Trapped)
Ttyh3 (Targeted)
Tulp2 (Trapped)
Tulp3 (Trapped)
Tusc3 (Trapped)
Tvp23b (Trapped)
Twsg1 (Targeted)
Txn2 (Trapped)
Txndc11 (Trapped)
Txndc12 (Trapped)
Txndc16 (Targeted)
Txndc2 (Targeted)
Txnl1 (Trapped)
Txnl4a (Trapped)
Txnl4b (Trapped)
Txnrd1 (Trapped)
Txnrd2 (Trapped)
Txnrd3 (Targeted)
Tyk2 (Trapped)
Tyro3 (Trapped)
Tysnd1 (Targeted)
Tyw1 (Trapped)
Uba2 (Trapped)
Uba3 (Trapped)
Uba5 (Targeted)
Uba6 (Trapped)
Ubald2 (Trapped)
Ube2c (Trapped)
Ube2d-ps (Trapped)
Ube2d1 (Trapped)
Ube2d2a (Trapped)
Ube2d3 (Trapped)
Ube2f (Trapped)
Ube2g2 (Trapped)
Ube2h (Trapped)
Ube2i (Trapped)
Ube2j1 (Trapped)
Ube2j2 (Trapped)
Ube2m - TF1253 (Trapped)
Ube2m - TF2179 (Trapped)
Ube2n (Trapped)
Ube2o (Trapped)
Ube2q1 (Trapped)
Ube2q2 (Trapped)
Ube2r2 (Trapped)
Ube2t (Trapped)
Ube3c (Trapped)
Ubiad1 (Trapped)
Ubr5 (Trapped)
Uchl3 (Trapped)
Uchl5 (Trapped)
Uckl1 (Targeted)
Ucma (Targeted)
Ucn2 (Targeted)
Ucn3 (Targeted)
Ucp1 (Targeted)
Uevld (Trapped)
Ugdh (Trapped)
Ugp2 (Trapped)
Ugt2a1 (Targeted)
Uhmk1 (Trapped)
Ulk1 (Trapped)
Ulk2 (Targeted)
Ulk3 (Targeted)
Ulk4 (Targeted)
Unc13a (Targeted)
Unc5a (Targeted)
Unc5b (Trapped)
Unc5d (Targeted)
Upk1a (Trapped)
Upp1 (Trapped)
Upp2 (Targeted)
Uqcc3 (Targeted)
Uqcrc2 (Trapped)
Uqcrfs1 (Trapped)
Urah (Trapped)
Usf1 (Trapped)
Usp1 (Trapped)
Usp10 (Trapped)
Usp11 (Targeted)
Usp12 (Trapped)
Usp13 (Targeted)
Usp15 (Trapped)
Usp16 (Trapped)
Usp19 (Trapped)
Usp20 (Trapped)
Usp21 (Trapped)
Usp22 (Targeted)
Usp24 (Targeted)
Usp28 (Trapped)
Usp32 (Targeted)
Usp33 (Targeted)
Usp37 (Trapped)
Usp38 (Targeted)
Usp39 (Targeted)
Usp4 (Trapped)
Usp42 (Targeted)
Usp44 (Trapped)
Usp45 (Trapped)
Usp47 (Trapped)
Usp49 (Trapped)
Usp5 (Trapped)
Usp50 (Trapped)
Usp53 (Trapped)
Usp54 (Trapped)
Usp7 (Trapped)
Usp8 (Trapped)
Uspl1 (Trapped)
Uts2 (Targeted)
Uts2r (Targeted)
Uxs1 (Targeted)
Vamp4 (Trapped)
Vangl1 (Trapped)
Vapb (Trapped)
Vars (Trapped)
Vars2 (Trapped)
Vasn (Trapped)
Vcp (Trapped)
Vdac1 (Trapped)
Vegfd (Trapped)
Vezt (Trapped)
Vipr1 (Targeted)
Vipr2 (Targeted)
Vit (Targeted)
Vldlr (Targeted)
Vopp1 (Targeted)
Vps29 (Trapped)
Vps4a (Trapped)
Vrk1 (Trapped)
Vrk2 (Targeted)
Vrk3 (Trapped)
Vsig10l (Targeted)
Vsig2 (Trapped)
Vsir (Targeted)
Vstm2a (Targeted)
Vstm2b (Targeted)
Vstm2l (Targeted)
Vtcn1 (Targeted)
Vwa2 (Targeted)
Vwa5b2 (Targeted)
Vwc2 (Targeted)
Vwce (Targeted)
Vwde (Targeted)
Wapal (Trapped)
Wasf1 (Trapped)
Wasf2 (Trapped)
Wbscr22 (Trapped)
Wdfy3 (Trapped)
Wdr83os (Trapped)
Wdsub1 (Targeted)
Wee1 (Trapped)
Wfdc1 (Targeted)
Wfdc12 (Targeted)
Wfdc2 (Trapped)
Wfdc3 (Trapped)
Wfdc5 (Targeted)
Wfdc8 (Targeted)
Wfikkn1 (Targeted)
Wfikkn2 (Targeted)
Wfs1 (Targeted)
Wif1 (Targeted)
Wisp1 (Targeted)
Wisp2 (Targeted)
Wisp3 (Targeted)
Wls (Targeted)
Wnk1 (Trapped)
Wnk2 (Targeted)
Wnk3 (Trapped)
Wnk4 (Targeted)
Wnt10b (Targeted)
Wnt16 (Targeted)
Wnt2b (Targeted)
Wnt3a (Targeted)
Wnt5b (Targeted)
Wnt6 (Targeted)
Wnt8b (Targeted)
Wnt9a (Targeted)
Wnt9b (Targeted)
Wscd1 (Targeted)
Wtap (Trapped)
Wwp1 (Trapped)
Wwp2 (Trapped)
X99384 (Trapped)
Xcl1 (Targeted)
Xcr1 (Targeted)
Xkr8 (Trapped)
Xpnpep1 (Trapped)
Xpnpep3 (Trapped)
Xpr1 (Trapped)
Xrn2 (Trapped)
Xylb (Trapped)
Xylt2 (Targeted)
Yars2 (Trapped)
Ybey (Trapped)
Ydjc (Trapped)
Yes1 (Trapped)
Yif1b (Trapped)
Yipf2 (Trapped)
Yipf4 (Trapped)
Yme1l1 (Trapped)
Ypel2 (Trapped)
Ythdf1 (Trapped)
Zc3hav1l (Targeted)
Zdhhc1 (Trapped)
Zdhhc11 (Targeted)
Zdhhc12 (Trapped)
Zdhhc14 (Trapped)
Zdhhc15 (Trapped)
Zdhhc18 (Trapped)
Zdhhc20 (Trapped)
Zdhhc24 (Trapped)
Zdhhc3 (Trapped)
Zdhhc9 (Targeted)
Zfand5 (Trapped)
Zfp74 (Trapped)
Zg16 (Targeted)
Znhit2 (Targeted)
Zpld1 (Targeted)
Zranb3 (Trapped)