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Taconic Biosciences has invested in improvements to its enterprise software to enable future growth and provide an improved customer experience. Some of these changes have already rolled out, including a new quoting system. As of December 13, 2021, additional changes will be rolling out as order and fulfillment processes move into a new ERP (enterprise resource planning) platform. This communication provides additional detail on what is and is not changing in the customer experience.

While many of the improvements are behind the scenes, customers will benefit from documents which are clearer, more consistent and now include useful information such as cancellation deadlines.

NOTE: Certain changes reflect a temporary interim state as we migrate into the new system and continue making upgrades. We will update you as additional changes occur.
All booked commercial orders and project shipments will transfer to the new system without action required by customers. You may notice some changes to item codes (such as those for Taconic Transit Cages) between your original Sales Order Confirmation (from the old platform) and documents such as Shipping Confirmations or Invoices (from the new platform).

Commercial Order Process is Unchanged

You may continue to submit orders via the Taconic website, phone, fax or email, as you currently do. Your customer account number has not changed. There is no change to Taconic's contact or payment details.

Some commercial product item codes have changed slightly. While most item codes remain the same, there are a handful of specific item codes which have changed significantly, including those for Germ Free products and Taconic Transit Cages. View a table of item code changes.

Custom Model Generation Solutions and Colony Management Solutions - no changes to project initiation or ongoing communication

The overall process for ordering animals and communicating with your key Taconic contacts will remain unchanged with Taconic's move to a new ERP platform. Similarly, initiation of new projects and renewing project terms on existing projects will remain unchanged. We encourage customers to send all purchase orders (POs) to to ensure they are routed correctly.

Taconic's online platform eTACONIC® will see minor changes such as formatting updates that will not impact overall user interface or functionality. eTACONIC® will no longer display shipment information for customer projects when the shipment is paid by a third party. Should the project owner want these shipments displayed on eTACONIC®, the project shipment will need to be invoiced against the project owner and not a third party.

NOTE: Invoices for Colony Management Solutions services rendered in December will be split across two invoices, one on each side of the "cut over" from the old to new ERP. Invoice #1 (covering services rendered Nov 28 - Dec 11) will be released on December 10, 2021, and invoice #2 (covering services rendered Dec 12-31) will be released on January 3, 2022. The payment terms of Invoice #2 apply to both invoices (i.e., the "clock" on payment due for invoice #1 starts with the release of invoice #2).
We have made documents easier to read based on customer feedback, and information is now more consistent across various documents:

Quotes for commercial animals will remain substantially similar to the current format, and the process for obtaining a quote and placing an order against a quote will not change. Quotes will now include taxes.

Sales Order Confirmations will have an updated format. See an example of the new Sales Order Confirmation for a commercial order.
  • Source location will not appear on the Sales Order Confirmation except for commercial orders which must source from a particular location (fees apply*). This information was removed because source location is subject to change as Taconic uses available inventory to fulfill orders most efficiently to reduce animal obsolescence (waste).
  • Cancel by date will now appear for each animal line on orders, clearly informing you of the cancellation deadline.
For shipments from your Colony Management projects, the Sales Order Confirmation will show the project # in the Item Description field rather than in the Item Number field. See an example of the new format for a Colony Management Sales Order Confirmation.

Shipping Confirmations will have an updated format. The Shipping Confirmation is the right place to find final TTC counts, source location and quantity breakdowns by age for each commercial order. Box numbers listed on Shipping Confirmations are intended to give an accurate box count, but do not represent the unique Box ID which is found only on the TTC label. See an example of the new Shipping Confirmation. Shipping Confirmations will now be sent shortly after the animals ship from a Taconic site, so for nearly all shipments, customers will receive the Shipping Confirmation prior to delivery.

NOTE: When an order is fulfilled from two or more different source locations (sites/barriers), you may receive separate Shipping Confirmations for each source location.
The Taconic Transit Cage (TTC) label has been completely redesigned. Information is grouped by user (customer, courier), and information on animal specifications for commercial orders is more clearly defined. See an example of the new TTC label for a commercial order. For Colony Management shipments, the packing list will continue to provide detailed information about animal specifications; the TTC label will have information relevant to deliveries, but limited information on animal specs. See an example new TTC label for a Colony Management shipment. When an order is fulfilled from two or more different source locations (sites/barriers), separate sets of labels are generated, each of which has a separate box count rather than a running box count across all labels.

  • Box ID is a new field which represents a unique identifier for each box. Please use Box ID whenever reporting an issue with a particular TTC.
  • Taconic Health Standard
    • For commercial animals, the TTC label will now include the health standard designation, replacing the separate health standard stickers.
    • For Colony Management shipments, the health standard sticker will continue to be used until further notice. Some Colony Management shipments do not have a Taconic health standard, so this section will be blank for those shipments.
  • Source location is formatted differently. Please refer to both the Source and Room fields on the label to determine full source location information. For Colony Management shipments, refer to the packing list for full source location details.
Packing lists (used with all Colony Management and some commercial shipments) have been updated. See an example of a typical Colony Management packing list.

Observe that the following fields on the packing list will not be populated immediately following go live for the new system, but this information remains available on other documents such as the Sales Order Confirmation and TTC label:
  • Bill to
  • Ship to
  • Receiving Contact
  • Purchase Order Number
Health reports will no longer be physically sent with any shipments unless required by customs authorities. The Taconic health standard provides clear information about which organisms are excluded/tolerated in a particular source location, and individual health reports are available for viewing on the website. Delivery receipts have been reformatted. See an example of the new delivery receipt. When an order is fulfilled from two or more different source locations (sites/barriers), separate sets of delivery receipts are generated, each of which has a separate box count rather than a running.

Invoices and credit memos have been significantly streamlined. For Custom Model Generation Solutions this should allow customers to match billing items more easily to items in the Statement of Work. Invoices for Colony Management have been updated to a new layout but the overall content on the invoice remains unchanged. See examples of the new credit memo and commercial invoice.
* Taconic will select animals from a production location based on availability and to best utilize the animals produced. Location-specific requests result in less efficient use of available inventory and thus greater animal obsolescence (waste) and increased production costs. Taconic is committed to the 3Rs, and we encourage customers to allow Taconic to select the source location of requested animals in order to reduce animal obsolescence. Location-specific sourcing requests will be assessed a fee of $3/€3 per animal.
For issues resulting in credits against commercial or services invoices, Taconic will simply issue a credit memo for the relevant credit amount and will distribute it through the normal invoice distribution course.

Customers will no longer receive a credit sales order confirmation, replacement services and/or products, or rebilled corrected invoices as part of the credit process. Exceptions may apply. Customers may place a new order for any replacement services and/or products needed.

The credit memo will have proper references to the original order/invoice so that customers can properly apply it for processing in their system.
Taconic is making a process change which will harmonize charges for TTCs in which commercial and Colony Management animals are shipped. For North American orders, a charge of $7 per TTC will be applied to commercial orders for all product types, effective at for new orders booked after go live for the new system. There will be no change to charges for European orders booked and delivered in 2021.
Commercial product groupings on the Taconic Biosciences website have been updated to refer to standard strains and stocks, standard immunodeficients, GEMs and humanized immune system mice to better align with common industry terms.
  • Standard strains and stocks includes inbred, outbred, hybrid and congenic strains and stocks of mice and rats.
  • Standard immunodeficients includes nudes and scids but not immunodeficient GEM models as availability and terms of use differ for GEMs.
The find your model search tool is the easiest way to find a specific model, but these product groupings can assist in browsing.

Source Location Names: While many Health Report Group (HRG) names remain the same, the names for production locations in an HRG have changed. A reference list showing old and new location names will be available soon.

Lot numbers: For most commercial animals, Taconic will no longer use a lot #. Previously, lot # for most standard strains and GEMs consisted of week of birth, source location and colony type. Week of birth and source location will now be clearly called out on documents such as the Shipping Confirmation and TTC label. Lot #s will continue to be provided for humanized immune system mouse orders and will now appear in the Packing Instructions field.

Route names: Some route names will be updated slightly, but there are no changes to the actual routes or delivery dates/times.
Last Updated: 3/4/2022 10:00 a.m. ET)

Quote, inquiry and order turnaround time

We are experiencing some delays in quoting, availability inquiries and ordering. Please send quote requests, new orders, order changes or order cancellations with as much lead time as possible. We expect longer turnaround times to be temporary.

Health Reports

All public health reports are now available, and a new searchable tool is now available on that page to help you find a specific health report quickly. Specific Colony Management health reports which are accessed via eTACONIC are not available online; to obtain such health reports, please email your project manager directly or via chart originally on the Health Reports pageShipping Confirmations

Shipping Confirmations have been turned on and will email automatically after an order is shipped, however these may be delayed or missing for certain orders. We are working to fix the remaining delayed and missing documents.

eTACONIC® Project Management Platform

eTACONIC® is now available, however, some functionality is limited. Please email your project manager directly or via for:

  • Project files or attachments
  • Animal health reports for projects located in isolators (barrier health reports are now available online)
Note that project spend and shipment data may not be accurate. We are working to restore full eTACONIC® functionality as quickly as possible.


Some invoices may be delayed. If you have an urgent need for an invoice, please contact Taconic's Accounts Receivable group at for North American orders or for European orders.

To ensure you receive order-related messages, please white list certain email addresses

If you experience any issues receiving order-related emails, such as not receiving automated emails from Taconic containing Sales Order Confirmation and Invoices, please ask your IT department to white list the following email addresses:,, and

TTC labels and Shipping Confirmations for timed pregnant female, female with litter and exact date of birth products

For commercial products which have age specifications in days rather than weeks (timed pregnant females, female with litter, exact date of birth animals), the TTC label and Shipping Confirmation display correct information in the WOB (week of birth) fields, but the data in the Age field is correct on Shipping Confirmations and incorrect on TTC labels. We expect this to be rectified quickly, but please contact Taconic Customer Service if you have any questions about the age for products of this nature received this week.
Additonal questions? Please contact with any questions on these changes.

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