CRISPR/Cas9 Patent List

ERS Genomics Granted Patents


Application No.

Filing Date

Patent No.

Grant Date

AU201326696815 March, 2013AU 2013266968 B229 June, 2017
CN20138003892015 March, 2013CN 104854241 B14 July, 2017
EP13793997.115 March, 2013EP 2800811 B110 May, 2017
EP17163434.815 March, 2013EP 3241902 B128 February, 2018
GB1420270.915 March, 2013GB 2518764 C2 March, 2016
GB1601071.215 March, 2013GB 2537000 B8 March, 2017
HK15106335.43 July, 2015HK 1207107 B25 August, 2017
MX2014001447715 March, 2013MX 349744 B10 August, 2017
NZ71435315 March, 2013NZ 714353 B229 August, 2017
SG1120140770215 March, 2013SG 11201407702X A20 March, 2017
DE2020132012240.415 March, 2013DE 202013012240 U12 February, 2016
DE2020132012241.215 March, 2013DE 202013012241 U118 January, 2016
DE2020132012242.015 March, 2013DE 202013012242 U12 February, 2016

The Broad Institute, Inc. Granted Patents

US Patent No. 8,697,359 and all related pending patent applications and issued patents worldwide.

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