Cryopreservation and Cryorecovery

Cryopreservation and Cryorecovery provide risk management for your colonies, cost savings, and support for the principle of animal welfare.
With cryopreservation, you can maintain your research materials over the long term without having to maintain an active colony. This service enables you to ensure the safety of your valuable research models and avoid genetic drift within your lines. The reproductive life of your colony is also extended, and the risk of contamination due to disease transmission is eliminated.

Cryopreservation of your lines serves as a low-cost insurance for your colony, providing protection from a catastrophic loss of your valuable research models.

In addition to cryopreservation, Taconic offers standard cryorecovery and FRapid® expansion (RapidEXPANSION™ using frozen materials), which enables the rapid production of age-matched, experiment-ready cohorts of mice directly from cryopreserved materials

Sperm and Embryo Cryopreservation

As genetically engineered animal models become more sophisticated, maintaining live research animal colonies can be an increasingly significant drain on your resources.

Cryopreservation substantially limits this overhead, protecting your investment while preserving genetic material for immediate, large scale revitalization when needed. Cryopreservation can also be used to archive intermediate genotypes during intercross or backcross breeding, or as an inexpensive alternative for sharing your lines with collaborators across the globe. Dedicated scientific program managers, project managers, and embryologists will work directly with you to develop customized solutions that meet your specific project requirements.

  • Mouse sperm cryopreservation results in 15-20 straws
  • Mouse embryo cryopreservation includes 250 embryos
  • Rat embryo cryopreservation includes 250 embryos (sperm not available at this time)
  • All cryopreservation projects include supporting in vitro quality control data pre- and post-cryopreservation
  • Dual-site storage of cryopreserved material
  • A trial recovery to live-born is also included for added confidence

Secure and Redundant Cryostorage Systems

Storage of cryopreserved sperm and embryos at an off-site location offers a realistic solution for risk mitigation. Taconic provides dual site storage for any cryopreserved sperm or embryos we preserve. Not only are your stocks held in two different freezers, those freezers are in physically separated buildings and in different geographic locations. Taconic accepts materials regardless of where the cryopreservation was completed. You can consider Taconic as part of your institution's dual-site storage program by depositing up to half of cryopreserved material with Taconic.

Cryorecovery and FRapid® Expansion

Cryopreservation and Cryorecovery Standard cryorecovery is the ideal choice for small scale recoveries when health status is important to your project. It is best used as a fast and economical path to recovering a line from cryopreservation.

FRapid® is the ideal choice for large scale recoveries from cryopreserved material when your project's timeline is critical. This service provides a faster timeline, flexible deliverables, ease of shipping of donor materials, customizable health status through rederivation, no requirement for maintenance colony, and payment structure based on the number of offspring produced.

How does FRapid® expansion work?

FRapid® was developed by Taconic and leverages recent advances in both cryopreservation and in vitro fertilization (IVF) technologies. Frozen sperm is used along with live female donors to perform a large-scale embryo transfer, resulting in more than 100 mice with the same week of birth. The ability to quickly revitalize your rodent line from cryopreserved stock forms the basis of the security of cryopreservation.

How does FRapid® work?

Achieve A Cohort Faster with FRapid®

Achieve cohort faster with FRapid®

Knockout Model Repository

If you're still searching for the most applicable genetically engineered mouse model, try our cryopreserved repository of over 4,000 fully-licensed knockout mouse models before you design your own. When combined with RapidEXPANSION™ and Taconic's colony management solutions, you can rapidly scale from a previously-engineered model into a full colony, without delays or licensing obstacles.

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