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What our customers are saying about eTaconic® 3.2:

  • "Best in class"
  • "It's how we run the business"
  • "eTaconic® is designed around the client"
eTaconic® is Taconic Biosciences' proprietary project reporting portal. It allows our Scientific Services customers secure, 24/7/365 access to their Colony Management and Model Generation project data and reports in real time. It is the fastest way to get information on your projects and is designed to be easy to use and mobile device friendly.

With eTaconic® you can:

  • See live inventory of your breeding projects
  • Access project spend and shipment data of your breeding projects
  • Download current inventory reports in multiple formats
  • Access historical documentation of your breeding and design projects
  • See a monthly status update on breeding projects as they are recorded
  • Easily contact your project manager or initiate an animal shipment
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eTaconic® 3.2 Features

eTaconic® 3.2 has many new features and enhancements, with a focus on Colony Management projects. Below is a brief example of some interior screens - or you can try the demo.

  • A new user dashboard.
  • Inventory, spending, and shipping reports, as well as document downloads, for Colony Management projects. Many users will also see a redefined project Lifecycle stage, and dynamic monthly status updates.
  • Milestone Reports and documents for Model Generation projects.

Colony Management

Below is an example of a single project:
Colony Management Project View
  1. Navigation
  2. Project summary/company
  3. Project Data
  4. Project Spend
  5. Shipments
  6. Task accordion (below)


Model Generation

If you have a Model Generation project (or projects) your home screen is now the user dashboard. Below is an example of a single project. If you have multiple projects you will have a list view.
Model Generation Project Page
  1. Navigation
  2. Project summary/company
  3. Project Data

Existing eTaconic® account holders can log in here.

Last updated on 7/3/2019