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Rat Rapid Expansion and Derivations

Taconic Embryology Services can reset the health status of your rat line to meet the criteria of your vivarium. The rederived cohort may be shipped to your facility or to a Taconic contract breeding facility for breeding and expansion. Rederivation requires that you provide only a small cohort of males of breeder age to be used as donor studs. No health report is required for the donor animals. With in just a matter weeks, you can move from donor animals of poor or unknown health status to a production breeding colony with full health monitoring and reporting services. We also offer Rat Rapid Expansion of up to 40 rats with the same week of birth. We understand that a successful research pipeline demands a balance of speed, price and quality. When time to data is critical, the time required to naturally expand a breeding colony to generate study cohorts often presents the greatest challenge. Taconic's Rat Rapid Expansion allows you to double or triple your breeding colony with in just 12 weeks.


  • Rederivation via natural mating and embryo transfer will eradicate your colony of adventitious viruses, bacteria and parasites
  • Rederived animals are Murine Pathogen Free MPF™ and are delivered with an IHMS-52 Health Report
  • Rat Rapid Expansion services allow you to double or triple the size of your breeding colony in just 12 weeks
  • Donors from Taconic, the client or other providers may be used to preserve background
  • Use animals from separate line as donors to combine cross-breeding with Rapid Expansion, saving 3-6 months