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Housing Options

Taconic Biosciences has several options for breeding your genetically engineered models. Options range from our Isolated Barrier Units™ to our Isolators or IVCs. Placement of your project into one or more of these options will be determined during project design with one of our Scientific Program Managers. All of Taconic's facilities are AAALAC International accredited demonstrating Taconic's adherence to strict guidelines for the care and use of animals.

Taconic's Isolated Barrier Units™ (IBUs™) are independent buildings. We manage IBU facilities at our locations in New York, Indiana and Denmark. All animals entering an IBU must be offspring of a rederviation and have gone through gnotobiotic quarantine with comprehensive health testing. The IBU is designed to prevent microbial cross-contamination between colonies via separation of barrier units.

The Isolated Barrier Unit is an ideal choice for breeding colonies that are relatively large in size or anticipated for use over a longer period of time (e.g.>1 year). The IBU removes the risks associated with spreading your colony over multiple isolators. When breeding in an IBU, all your study cohorts originate from the same environment thereby reducing the risks of variations in microbiome and other environmental factors.

Benefits of IBUs™:

  • Animals carry Taconic's IHMS Murine Pathogen Free MPF™ health standard
  • All health monitoring services are included and health monitoring data may be accessed via eTACONIC® or our health reporting webpages. Rederivation or Rapid Expansion Services must precede entry into an IBU
  • eTACONIC® web-based interface allows access to project breeding specifications and inventory in real-time
Isolator Breeding Solutions (IBS) are located in Taconic's state-of-art facility in Rensselaer, NY. Mice and rats are housed in isolators equipped with dedicated filtered air supply and capable of holding 28-76 cages. If your animals meet the minimal health criteria, verified by historical reports and testing, we then import your colony directly into IBS and begin breeding immediately. IBS is the ideal choice when speed to cohort is critical. Pricing is based on a weekly isolator rental fee.

Benefits of IBS:

  • Animals that meet minimal health criteria may be imported directly into the IBS Facility — no derivation is required
  • One year of historical health monitoring results are required to gain approval for entry
  • Health monitoring may be customized to meet your needs and budget
  • Flexibility to offer special services such as administration of custom diets, compound administration and phenotype monitoring (e.g. blood glucose monitoring)