Taconic's Mission

Taconic Biosciences, Inc. is committed to being the industry leader in providing the highest quality scientific services and rodent models to biomedical researchers worldwide. In all of our professional relationships, we are guided by a set of principles and values that have defined Taconic since its beginning over 60 years ago. Today, the vision of Robert K. Phelan and his wife, Sally Phelan Engelkirk, endures through continued family ownership and adherence to these principles and values by the Family and all Taconic employees.

Our customers are always our top priority

We recognize that providing products and services of consistently high quality at a fair price promotes the success of our customers, and in turn, the success of our company. To achieve this distinguished standard we welcome change and synergy. Taconic is dedicated to listening to our customers in order to continually expand and develop novel solutions that provide our customers with a strong competitive advantage. We strive to build long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships based upon honesty, integrity, and cooperation.

Our employees are the company

We are committed to supporting the aspirations and developing the knowledge and skills of our employees. We strive to provide stable employment across the global company to employees who are committed to the company and demonstrate a strong work ethic. We offer career growth by providing opportunities to advance through education and training. We strive to provide a work experience that is satisfying and motivating. Our managers respect and listen to each employee to understand his or her needs.

Social Responsibility and the well being of our communities are of vital importance to us

Taconic is dedicated to supporting organizations and communities that are important to our customers, employees and partners. We are committed to improving the welfare of rodents in our care and supporting the replacement and reduction of animals used in research.
Taconic also contributes time and resources to industry organizations and our communities by encouraging our employees to support good works, charitable causes, and volunteering in the communities in which they live and work.
As part of these efforts we are committed to the protection and well being of the environment by minimizing the impact of our global operations.  We value conservation, sustainability, and efforts to maintain or improve the environment in which we live and work.

We believe strong returns for shareholders will follow by upholding the aforementioned values

In addition to managing Taconic in accordance with our values, Taconic employees must manage the efficient use of our resources, make prudent investments, and maintain profitability that will enable Taconic to grow and evolve. These goals allow us to deliver sound fiscal returns and pride of ownership to our shareholders, and in turn, ensure Taconic remains the fiscally stable business partner our customers, employees, communities, and shareholders expect.

Our Brand Promise

The right research model can take you further. And the emerging possibilities of genetically engineered models create opportunities to move further still.
At Taconic Biosciences, we make your research goal the center of everything we do, and we go further in helping you achieve it. We start with the right model - even if we have to design it for your specific question - and we follow that with the research-ready colonies and streamlined licensing you need for success. At Taconic, we are here to help you get further.