The cure for going alone: How M&A will drive oncology research in 2019

In a recent article published in Drug Discovery World, Taconic Biosciences's Dr. Michael Seiler explains how there have been multiple mergers and acquisitions of key biotech and pharma companies in the last five years.

One specific area that has seen major growth is in the field of immunotherapy drugs — drugs that use a patient's immune system to fight cancer. Of note would be the acquisition of Celgene by Bristol-Meyers Squibb (BMS), which combines two successful oncology businesses with a goal of expanding CAR-T immunotherapies. Seiler also discusses the invaluable role of super immunodeficient mice such as the NOG mouse in the progression of immuno-oncology research:

The cure for going alone: How M&A will drive oncology research in 2019"The year has got off to a fast start for oncology drug discovery, with numerous mergers, acquisitions and collaborations announced in quick succession. These ventures provide a window into key trends in oncology research, where investigators are likely to focus their efforts, and the tools and technologies that will enable pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to turn promise into efficacious therapies."
Read the quarterly business review at: Drug Discovery World

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