Colony Management is Key for Aged Neuro Models

Aged models are vital for studying neurodegenerative diseases that develop later in life, but managing these colonies proves challenging. In an article in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, Taconic Biosciences' Dr. Andrea Leonardi discusses the complexities of managing these colonies, including their susceptibility to attrition and the phenotypes typical of certain neurodegenerative diseases. She also provides strategies for overcoming these obstacles:

Brain“To ensure a study is statistically powered with a sufficient sample size, it's important to consider the expected survival rate and whether studies will be carried out at different ages, simultaneously or staggered, with or without control groups. Additionally, balancing the need for overage with the desire to reduce waste is prudent and responsible.

The phenotypes typical of neurodegeneration models also pose colony management challenges. As they age, they may develop aggression, tremors, impaired motor skills, obesity, or other symptoms.”
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