Career Development

Taconic Biosciences places great value in continued education and personal development. We are serious in our approach to education and take pride in offering a variety of programs in the US and in Europe which help employees enhance their skill sets, knowledge, and abilities.
We encourage employees to take an active role in their career development through a variety of educational opportunities, orientation programs, on the job training, classroom instruction, animal science certifications and educational assistance. Learning is an on going process at Taconic and important in today's workplace. Studies have shown that today's employees not only want to have a meaningful job and feel a part of the business, they want leverage in building their careers within their work environment.
Through this continuous learning environment, Taconic also ensures greater success in meeting the quality standards that our customers have come to depend upon. From our animal care technicians to our management team, quality is the capstone of producing the highest quality animal products and services, which sets us apart from other industry leaders.
Taconic's ongoing educational programs include orientation programs, American Association of Laboratory Animal Science(AALAS) certification programs as well as ongoing opportunities to attend outside seminars and participate in Taconic's tuition reimbursement program.
We take great pride in our employees, their commitment to excellence, their diligence in meeting challenges, and their willingness to be team players in the world of Life Sciences, where enriched lives are the result of the contributions they have made.
We are committed to offering many opportunities for career development at Taconic. Your career is important to you; by working at Taconic you can make a difference in the world, in your community, and in your future. Knowledge is and always has been the force that drives people to achieve and succeed. At Taconic, we strive to help our employees achieve their career goals and celebrate their success.