Benefits Taconic Biosciences offers a comprehensive compensation and benefits package and we are committed to providing a program with a wide range of options to meet employee needs. When it comes to benefits, we have you covered! Taconic offers major medical, dental, and vision plans featuring nationwide provider networks. We also provide term life insurance and disability coverage, and there is a variety of voluntary plans such as accident, cancer, critical illness, and flexible spending.

Our 401(k) plan has a generous matching feature with traditional and Roth options, a menu of funds, and the opportunity to enroll in managed advice with an investment advisor.

Taconic employees all over the world have participated in our Fit for Life wellness program, completing challenges that range from physical fitness to healthy eating, and from financial to emotional wellness.

Our corporate office, molecular and diagnostic lab, and isolator breeding facilities are just minutes from downtown Albany, the capital of New York state. Our Cambridge City (Indiana) and Germantown (New York) facilities allow you to work in locations that get you away from the hustle and bustle of city life, while both being within a short drive to all the attractions you could want.

Taconic's employee satisfaction surveys consistently show results on par with some of the great companies to work for. We are committed to quality work, we know our work makes a difference in the world and our supervisors care about us and encourage our development.

When it comes to fun at work we have that under control as well. We host offsite picnics for employees and their families, onsite cookouts, and coffee/bagel/donut "break times." We celebrate various industry observances like Laboratory Animal Technician Week or Customer Service Week, and the ice cream truck has been known to come by at least once or twice each summer.

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