Taconic offers a comprehensive compensation and benefits package, which includes salary, benefits, opportunities for career development, and an excellent work environment. Taconic is committed to providing a benefits program with a wide range of options to meet employee needs, as well as education on the benefits, so every employee gets the maximum value out of his or her benefits package.

Health and Wellness

A comprehensive health care plan is the foundation of Taconic's benefit package. The health insurance plan includes medical and hospitalization, prescription drug, and vision coverage. We also offer dental insurance and supplemental disease and accident insurance plans. Taconic sponsors wellness programs for employees to allow easy access to information and services.

Financial Security

In addition to cash compensation, Taconic provides a wide variety of benefits to help ensure the financial security of our employees. The Taconic Biosciences, Inc. 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan & Trust offers retirement savings for employees. Taconic also offers company-paid and supplemental life insurance and disability insurance.