Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

December 2016

% Issue free orders 98.16%
Corrective action closure (days) 15
Animal quality 99.55%
% On-time shipments 99.85%
Order accuracy 99.54%
Invoice accuracy 99.87%
% Issue free orders
The percentage of orders delivered with no issues in quality, delivery, transaction, or documentation - 100% customer satisfaction

Corrective action closure (days)
The average number of days required to complete an investigation, implement corrective action, and close with a customer communication, upon receipt of a customer complaint

Animal quality
A quality measure of the number of defective animals as assessed at receipt by the customer. This includes all defect categories including animal type, appearance, mortality, quantity, size/weight, etc.

% On-time shipments
The percentage of shipments which meet the customer's delivery requirement

Order accuracy
The percentage of orders which are captured and delivered 100% accurately per the customer's need

Invoice accuracy
The percentage of invoices 100% accurate including pricing, customer data, PO numbers, and all other relevant data