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Genetic monitoring is key to quality control in inbred mice

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  • Welcome to Taconic Insights

    Taconic Biosciences has remained one of the world's leading providers of research models and services for over 60 years through our commitment to anticipating clients’ needs and industry trends. One of the key trends of the past ten years involves our clients’ need to strategically outsource functional... Read more

  • Challenges and Prospects in Predicting the ADME and Toxicity Characteristics of Drugs in Humans

    One of the key challenges of drug development is to better predict drug responses in humans. This white paper offers insights on how such challenges are being overcome by a portfolio of pre-validated in vivo and in vitro tools. These tools offer solutions along various stages of the drug development... Read more

  • Application of CRISPR/Cas-based Technology

    CRISPR/Cas-based gene editing has recently emerged as a versatile technology for inducing precise genetic alterations in a number of different species, including mice and rats. Given the importance of genetically engineered mice in modeling human disease, the power of CRISPR has the potential to revolutionize... Read more

  • Are researchers making the most of germ-free models?

    "All of this indicates that the study of germ-free life has reached a certain maturity." - James A. Reyniers, 1959 In the years immediately following Reyniers optimistic statement on the maturity of germ-free technology, there was a burst of publications, which leveled off (with oscillations around a... Read more

  • Reducing Animal Use Through State-Of-The-Art Model Generation

    "Reduction remains of great importance, and of all modes of progress it is the one most obviously, immediately, and universally advantageous in terms of efficiency." -W.M.S. Russell and R.L. Burch1 The concept of the three Rs - replacement, reduction, and refinement--in research animal use were first... Read more