Cancellation and Change Orders Policy

Orders can be canceled or changed up to the cutoff time listed. Be sure to cancel an order prior to the cutoff time or cancellation fees up to the entire price of the order will be applied.

Order Type Cutoff day/time
Traditional Models;
By 3:00pm, two days prior to ship date
Spontaneous Mutant Models
Special setups, Exact date of birth and Time pregnant orders Before breeders are setup or isolated
Taconic Transgenic Models™
4 weeks prior to ship date
Emerging Models
Surgically Modified Models By 5:00pm, day prior to animals transferred to surgery
Aged Animals 13 weeks Prior to animals reaching 13 weeks of age
Embryo Derivations and Cryopreservation Prior to animals arriving at Taconic
Molecular Analysis;
Prior to receipt of samples
Animal Health Testing
Custom Breeding Projects;
Prior to project initiation
Murine Biospecimens
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