Park Bioservices, LLC in conjunction with Taconic presents a 1 day germ-free technology workshop on September 20, 2011

Groveland, Massachusetts / Hudson, New York - September 20, 2011 -- Recently there has been renewed interest in maintaining germ-free mice in isolators for a variety of studies involving immunology, compounds affecting gut flora, and other projects. Investigators and laboratory animal professionals have turned to the industry leaders in their respective areas of expertise to review time tested methods as well as the latest developments in germ-free technology.

Park Bioservices, LLC specializes in designing, manufacturing, and marketing isolators. Park Bio has over 15 years in both product and project design encompassing all areas of isolator technology. Park Bio's other products include transport containers, dirty bedding dump stations, field use isolators, low pressure alarms, and battery backup for isolators. Taconic is a leading provider of life sciences solutions to researchers worldwide, offering innovative lab animal models and scientific services that facilitate in vivo studies and advance drug discovery. Taconic's wide range of advanced solutions include custom model design, generation and production, contract breeding, genetic monitoring, and health testing.

Park Bioservices and Taconic are offering this workshop to answer the need for a one-stop approach to using germ-free rodents, from project inception to successful completion. Topics covered will include; gathering the technical resources, equipment and animal model selection, timeline planning, an overview of the germ-free rodent, SOP writing, sterilization of equipment and supplies, testing, and validation, and a round table discussion of best practices. Participants should be proficient in animal husbandry skills with some experience working with isolators.