National Grid Awards $250,000 to Taconic for Major Power Capacity Expansion, Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Economic Development Grant Assists with $8 Million Upgrade - March 2, 2011

National Grid in upstate New York today presented a $250,000 Capital Investment Incentive Grant to Taconic, a Hudson-based company and leading provider of life sciences solutions to researchers worldwide. Taconic has completed several energy efficiency projects that will result in a considerable reduction in its energy and water use as part of its $8 million facility upgrade.

"Taconic continues to make substantial investments in infrastructure improvements that enable us to operate more efficiently, reduce our use of natural resources, and recycle those resources wherever possible," said Scott Schulz, Taconic's Vice President of Operations. "As a major employer in Columbia County, we are pleased to have used many local contractors for these vital initiatives that help us serve as a good steward of the environment."

A key part of the Germantown plant's recent energy efficiency upgrades was a significant expansion of the site's power capacity. Through the installation of a new feeder line, completed by National Grid in March 2010, the power capacity of Taconic's Germantown site increased by nearly 40 percent. The $2.85 million power capacity expansion project was part of an $8 million overall infrastructure improvement effort for the Germantown facility.

"Supporting the upstate New York economy and jobs is at the core of National Grid's commitment to the communities we serve," said Linda Hill, National Grid's lead economic developer. "We applaud Taconic on this major expansion project, and are pleased to be their partner in success. Taconic is an important part of the Hudson Region and Columbia County and their success is key to the success of the area."

Energy efficiency projects recently completed at the site and supported by the additional power supply include:

  • Installation of several heat and condensate recovery systems that will reduce the facility's fossil fuel use and emissions by more than 10 percent;
  • Wastewater treatment system upgrade, a $1 million project that will enable the site to recycle treated wastewater and use it to meet about 50 percent of its non-potable water demand, an estimated reduction in use of 30,000 gallons per day;
  • Installation of two, 140-ton chillers to provide cooling water to the site's autoclaves, expected to reduce water use by about 55,000 gallons per day.

"National Grid's recognition and contribution for the significant energy savings spearheaded by Taconic is an investment in the Columbia County community. I commend Taconic for their economic and environmental commitment to the region and I thank National Grid for their support and partnership with one of the county's largest employers," said Senator Steve Saland.

"Taconic represents the very economic foundation that we must work to preserve and expand if we are to ensure a solid future for New York State," said Assemblyman Pete Lopez, whose district encompasses the Germantown-based facility. "National Grid's partnership with Taconic sends the critical message that investment in local industry must be a high priority for the region and the state as a whole."

As a Columbia County-based employer, Taconic is committed to using local contractors whenever possible. Local companies involved in the Germantown site's recent infrastructure improvements include Harkins Mechanical and Construction of Hudson (wastewater treatment plant upgrade and chiller project), Jennings Electric of Germantown (chiller project), T&J Electric of Albany (electrical upgrades), and Eastern Heating & Cooling of Albany (heat and condensate recovery systems). Environmental Tectronics of Southampton, Penn. served as the designer of the chiller system and autoclave controller upgrades.

The award comes from National Grid's Capital Investment Incentive grant program, which provides funding to support business expansion projects located in National Grid's upstate New York service territory. The grant is awarded to those applicants who plan projects that will improve National Grid's electric or natural gas system, such as line extensions or upgrades to transmission lines or distribution feeders that require a customer contribution; conduit, trenching, and backfill associated with National Grid owned infrastructure; and customer-owned substations and related equipment where a new or expanding customer increases its service.

This National Grid grant is part of the company's comprehensive economic development plan for upstate New York. For more information and program descriptions, visit National Grid's Economic Development website at:

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