Animal Health Diagnostics


Taconic's Animal Health Diagnostic services provide customers with accurate and easy to understand testing procedures that are designed to evaluate the health of small laboratory animals. Our Animal Health Diagnostic services include whole animal testing, serology, microbiology, histopathology, and PCR.

Every health monitoring program involves a series of tests, but Taconic's Animal Health Diagnostics program is more than a simple list of testing; it's a solution that enables you maintain the highest health status in your animal facility. Taconic's ACLAM certified veterinarians can help you to design a health monitoring program that suits your facility, free of charge. Whether you select individual immunoassays or one of Taconic's IHMS™ panels, you can be certain that Taconic will be a partner in helping you maintain the health status of your animal facility.

Samples are processed as they arrive and are not batched, providing our clients with a quick turnaround time. Reports are issued via e-mail, fax, or hard copy by mail.

To submit samples for testing, complete the Taconic Live Animal & Serology Submission Form.

Taconic's Animal Health Diagnostic Services:

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