Quality, First and Foremost

Today's sophisticated and complex biomedical research efforts demand lab animals that meet the precise needs of each investigation. And the associated breeding, testing, and protocol administration services must be performed in compliance with internationally recognized standards. Across the enterprise, Taconic demonstrates our commitment to meeting these requirements.

Animal Health

At Taconic, quality starts with the production of lab rodents that meet our clients' specifications and are free of pathogens and other contaminants. Our health monitoring, genetic testing, environmental controls, and nutrition management processes assure that you receive animals of the highest definition and integrity.

Every animal produced by Taconic is tested using the International Health Monitoring System™ (IHMS™), which meets or exceeds the guidelines used by virtually all research institutions worldwide. IHMS™ testing ensures that you obtain the quality materials your research requires consistently, eliminating costly delays. Testing results are reviewed by an on-site quality assurance team and our veterinary staff before release to our clients. We apply the same rigorous standards when testing Taconic animals or those submitted by our clients.

Animal Genetics

Taconic's Genetic Monitoring program is another key quality system that ensures the integrity of our traditional and genetically engineered models, using various genetic markers for quality control. Animals are tested at any point at which there is potential risk to genetic integrity; such as when animals are moved to different locations, when establishing a commercial foundation colony, or when importing animals for special breeding services. Taconic also performs genetic monitoring for our clients on request.

Qualified, Trained Staff

Taconic's commitment to quality is further evidenced in the investment we make and the value we place on employee training and development. U.S. Animal Care Technicians attend intensive training in Standard Operating Procedures, followed by an on-site certification program that provides more in-depth training in key operational areas. They can also employ Taconic's educational resources to pursue certification by the highly respected AALAS (American Association for Laboratory Animal Science). European technicians complete the authority-certified education required by Danish regulations, which includes a combination of theoretical and practical training.

Advanced Facilities

Taconic continually reinvests our profits into the animal facilities, laboratories, and technologies to meet our clients' evolving needs. Our unique facility barrier systems significantly reduce the risk of colony contamination, while automated systems monitor temperature, humidity, and other variables 24/7. Taconic barrier systems include Isolated Barrier Units™ (IBUs™), Multiple Barrier Units (MBUs), BioBubble Barrier Units (BBUs), and European Barrier Units (EBUs) for Murine Pathogen Free™ animals, and gnotobiotic isolators for Germfree and Defined Flora animals.