• Model #
  • Zygosity
  • Nomenclature
  • FVB-F
  • FVB-M
  • Pronuclei of FVB embryos are easily manipulated for microinjection of transgenes
  • High reproductive performance and excellent nurturing characteristics
  • Males tend to fight when group housed
Origin: Taconic received stock at F59 from NIH Animal Genetic Resource in 1998. The mice were derived by embryo transfer. Taconic's FVB mice originated from NIH at F30 prior to 1999. FVB is a substrain of N:GP Swiss mouse which was generated at NIH in 1935. A second colony was generated for Pertussis Research and designated N:NIH(S). The mice from this colony were backcrossed eight generations (F8) and designated HSFS/N. FVB, Friend Leukemia Virus, strain B was selected for from the HSFS/N colony. The Taconic foundation colony was at F83 in 2005.

  • Strain Profile: Acy1s, Akp1b, Amy1a, Apoa1b, Car2b, Ce2a, Es1b, Es3c, Esda, Es11a, Fv1b, H6pd1b, Ggca, Glo1a, Got2a, Gpi1b, Gr1a, Gus-sb, Hbac, Hbbd, Idh1a, Ldr1b, Mod1a, Mpi1b, Mup1c, Neu1b, Pep3b, Pgm1a, Pgm2a, Pnpa, Sod1a, Trfb
  • Immunology: H2q
  • Other: Cd5b, Cd8ab, Cd8bb, Hc1, Thy1a
  • Retinal Degeneration: Pde6brd1

Coat Colour Loci:

Color: Albino