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Custom Model Generation Solutions


You design the study. We'll design the mouse.


Taconic is the global leader in Custom Model Generation solutions. Our industry-leading experience is based on the generation of over 2000 custom mouse models and 2600 pronuclear injections for research scientists in academic organizations and biopharmaceutical companies worldwide. As a trusted partner with specialized expertise in model generation technologies, clients rely upon Taconic to help choose the best approach to address their needs for gene modification, gene mutation or humanization, transgene expression and inducible control of gene function.

Taconic’s custom model generation expertise spans a wide range of complexity from simple knock-out and knock-in to highly complex alleles and humanized models. Depending upon the requirement of your project, Taconic employs the appropriate technology from traditional gene targeting methods to CRISPR technology.

A key advantage of choosing Taconic for your custom model generation needs is our ability to generate and then breed the model for you. Many of our clients take advantage of this unique integrated service, which helps take them from gene modification to experimental mice. With over 60 years of breeding experience and unmatched expertise in murine genetic engineering, Taconic empowers clients to have one firm manage the generation, breeding, and quality control of their project from design to delivery of the model.

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Gene Inactivation Gene Mutation or Replacement Gene Editing Transgene Expression Inducible/Reversible Control of Gene Function
Constitutive Knock Out Constitutive Knock In CRISPR Technology Targeted Transgenesis Inducible in vivo RNAi Gene Knockdown
Conditional Knock Out Conditional Knock In   Conditional Targeted Transgenesis Inducible miRNA Overexpression
Conditional Knock Out with CreER gene switch Constitutive Knock In with Optional Conditional Knock Out   Random Transgenesis - Pronuclear Microinjection  
  Humanized Knock In with Optional Conditional Knock Out      

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