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Black 6 (B6NTac)


C57BL/6NTac Background

Model Number Zygosity Nomenclature
B6-F   C57BL/6NTac
B6-M   C57BL/6NTac
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Model Description

  • The most widely used inbred as the genetic background for transgenic and mutant mice
  • Popular in research applications of oncology, immunology, and toxicology
  • Now available at the Germ Free health profile in addition to Restricted Flora and Murine Pathogen Free health profiles.
  • Off the shelf inventory of Diet Induced Obese male B6 mice and aged male B6 mice now available.

Origin: C57BL/6 litters were received in 1991 at F151 from the NIH Animal Genetic Resource. Cesarean derived in 1991 at Taconic, a foundation colony is maintained in gnotobiotic isolators. Origin is as follows: to NIH in 1951 from Jax at F32; to Jax in 1948 from Hall.

Color: Black

Coat Color Loci:  a

  • Strain Profile: Acy1f, Aladb, Car2a, Cas1g, Cd5b, Cd72b, Cd8ab, Cd8b1b, Ce2a, Es1a, Es3a, Esda, Ggc1b, Gpi1b, Gus-sb, H6pd1b, Hbaa, Hbbs, Hc1, Idh1a, Mod1b, Mup1b, Pep3a, Pgm1a, Trfb
  • Immunology: H2b, Ptprcb, Thy1b, H2-T18b

Animal Diet: