Improving Drug Discovery & Development


As the industry leader for more than 60 years, Taconic accelerates drug discovery by providing fast and convenient access to a full suite of more than 4,000 off-the-shelf in vivo mouse and rat models, as well as models custom-designed to your research needs. Taconic provides research-ready cohorts, including tissue or genetically humanized models, supported by reliable data that can advance your early development work. Our scientific expertise, innovative technology, and breeding services enables you to confidently partner with Taconic for your entire spectrum of in vivo resource needs.

Taconic's industry leading portfolio of solutions includes:

  • Custom Model Generation Solutions that provide easy access to precisely defined models to suit your specific research project, using advanced technologies such as pronuclear microinjection, targeted gene mutation, and targeted gene replacement

  • Extensive Animal Model Repositories, including the Taconic Transgenic Model™ portfolio of in-licensed transgenics, a Knockout Repository of 4,000+ mouse lines, and the Emerging Models portfolio of investigator-sponsored models

  • tADMET™ models that yield far greater predictability of ADMET in man and improve the safety assessment of drug candidates by knocking out key murine genes or replacing them with their human counterparts

  • Light-Producing Transgenic Animals® (LPTA®) Models that use novel bioluminescent technology to greatly enhance the study of inflammation, oncology, metabolic disease, and drug metabolism/toxicology

  • Custom Breeding Solutions customized to your specific needs and designed to help you achieve your research objectives, by providing the right models quickly, cost-effectively, and in the volume your research demands

  • Surgical Services including cannulations and implants, customized procedures, and the creation of surgical models of disease, all performed by highly trained in-house surgical technicians

  • Testing Solutions that use the most advanced technology to determine the precise genetic characterization of your model and monitor animal health status

  • Health Monitoring Services through our proprietary Taconic International Health Monitoring System™, which meets or exceeds the animal health guidelines of virtually all research institutions
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