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October 30, 2015

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Human APOE KI mice: A Model for Alzheimer's Disease as Well as Peripheral Vascular Diseases

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  • Insights from the huNOG production Lab: Product integrity

    Two questions often posed about the production of human immune system engrafted mouse models are "how reproducible and therefore how reliable is the engraftment process?" These are valid questions, and they must account for many variables. For Taconic's engrafted models program, outstanding proficiency and strict... Read more

  • rasH2 Helps Improve Drug Testing

    GEN Exclusives has published an article by Amar Thyagarajan, Ph.D., Senior Product Manager at Taconic Biosciences, titled New Guidelines Involve the Testing Done on Animal Models. In his article, Dr. Thyagarajan helps us understand the nature of proposed changes to carcinogenicity safety testing to... Read more

  • PDX host selection - avoiding pitfalls with careful planning

    Use of patient-derived tumor xenografts (PDX) has increased greatly over the last few years as the utility of these models has been demonstrated. Although early PDX models were developed in standard nude or scid strains, development of such models has increasingly moved to more immunodeficient... Read more

  • Additional Mouse Models Added To The Knockout Repository

    Taconic Biosciences has recently added an additional 19 mouse models to the Knockout Repository (KOR). The KOR's more than 4,100 lines provide academic and commercial researchers worldwide with unparalleled access to fully licensed knockout mouse models. The Knockout Repository This repository offers the scientific community... Read more

  • You say microbiota, I say microbiome: The 8 word guide to the microbiota

    In a recently published article, The vocabulary of microbiome research: a proposal, authors Marchesi and Ravel propose how scientists should use words associated with microbiome, or rather microbiota, research. This editorial published in Microbiome (2015, 3:31), not only proposes how words like Metataxonomics, Metabonomics... Read more

  • Immune System Engrafted Models FAQ

    Immune system engrafted mouse models are becoming more widely used in immuno-oncology research. As their universe of applications grows, questions invariably arise. Our immune system engraftment experts collected answers to a few of these commonly asked questions. huNOG mice are NOG mice engrafted with... Read more

  • Obstacles to efficacy testing of biologic therapies in mice - anti-drug antibody development

    Immunogenicity can obscure efficacy Biologic drugs such as monoclonal antibodies or RNA therapies can trigger immune reactions (immunogenicity) upon treatment. Such immune reactions can result in toxicity. Aside from potential safety problems, the immune reaction can also reduce the efficacy of the biologic drug.... Read more

  • Meeting report: Tumor Models Boston 2015

    The Tumor Models Boston 2015 meeting brought together researchers from North America, Europe and Asia to discuss the application of models to cancer research. The small meeting provided excellent networking and discussion opportunities. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the meeting was the clear... Read more