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JULY 7, 2015


The Influence of the Microbiota on Immune Response

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  • Taconic Biosciences Product Highlight - The Knockout Mouse Repository (KOR)

    The Taconic Biosciences Knockout Mouse Repository's more than 4,100 lines provide academic and commercial researchers worldwide with unparalleled access to fully licensed knockout mouse models. This repository offers the scientific community immediate access to expertly derived, highly valuable research tools that rapidly accelerate translational... Read more

  • A Mouse by Any Other Name - Nomenclature Tutorial

    Mice and rats play a critical role in all areas of biomedical research and have been pivotal in many medical advances. Scientific progress requires that results are reproducible and reliable in order to allow others to expand upon current research to improve human health... Read more

  • When Is Less More In Carcinogenicity Testing?

    The rasH2 mouse model is used for carcinogenicity testing of genotoxic and non-genotoxic compounds. Over the last decade, it has become the leading alternative to the traditional 2-year rodent lifetime bioassay. In a recent opinion article, Paranjpe et al. (Paranjpe et al., 2014, Toxicologic... Read more

  • Moving from Lab to Clinic: Microbiome on the Move

    While there are many labs conducting research on the microbiome, there are a number of companies working towards delivering microbiome based diagnosis, drugs and treatments into the clinic. At the 1st Annual Translational Microbiome Conference (Translating the Microbiome From the Bench to Bedside: Challenges... Read more

  • What is the Relevance of Mouse Microbiome Research to Humans?

    Gut Microbiota Microbiome is a hot area of research right now, but can results in mice be translated to humans? A new paper in Disease Models & Mechanisms* asks just that question. The authors, academic researchers at KU Leuven and Vrije Universiteit Brussel in... Read more

  • Why Would You Want a Black 6 Mouse That Isn't Black?

    Taconic Biosciences introduced two new B6 albino models in late 2012 and early 2013. The B6 Albino A++ (model 11227) and the B6 Albino (model 11971) were generated at Taconic’s Cologne, Germany, site via gene targeting technology. These models represent the first albino B6... Read more

  • How Lab Animal Health Standards Are Evolving - Six Pillars That Can Help You Choose the Right Approach

    In a recently published article in GEN Exclusives, Taconic Bioscience's Dr. Jeff Lohmiller, VP of Quality Systems, describes the critical role health standards have always played in the use of research lab animals. He explains that evolving industry needs and advancements in research and... Read more

  • Taconic Biosciences' Support Helps To Advance Rare Disease Research

    Taconic Biosciences is partnering again with the Rare Genomics Institute (RGI) to support the 2015 Rare Disease Science Challenge: Be HEARD (Helping Empower and Accelerate Research Discoveries). As a sponsor of the Rare Disease Challenge in 2014, Taconic donated custom generation of a genetically... Read more